Fireball Lilly Lodge by Hogarth Architects



Hogarth Architects have designed a holiday home in Kilifi, Kenya, that consists of huts on stilts and towers, connected by rope bridges.


The towers will contain bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, with the main living areas in the adjoining huts.


Building is due for completion in 2010.


Here's some further information from Hogarth Architects:


Madeteni, Kilifi, Kenya

End users :
There are two clients, a mother and daughter, one an artist the other a philosopher and poet. The accommodation has been designed to cater for up to three families. The lodges may also be rented out commercially.


The plot :
The size of the plot is 2.4 hectares. It is of rectangular shape, the short side lying along the coast. It is a white sand beach plot with access to it via a coral bank and grassy knoll which has some casuarinas. The ground drops down and slowly rises towards the interior of the plot. The vegetation is mainly scrub, with a few flowering shrubs.


Access to the plot :
Access is from the main tarmac road from Mombassa to Melindi. There is a poor dirt road leading to the plot which needs a 4 wheel drive vehicle.


The remoteness of the site means that the lodges need to be as self sufficient as possible and easy to maintain. The design also aims to have as little environmental impact as possible. No glass or air conditioning has been used and the materials will be locally sourced coral block, lime render, timber from a sustainable source and palm thatch for the roofs. The towers will house the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens and the huts will provide the main living spaces. The impact the buildings have at ground level is kept to a minimum so that access and views to and from the narrow beach front are kept as open as possible. The elevated living spaces will also benefit from increased natural ventilation.




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  • One

    Woo tiny columns… exciting…. imagine lions walking aorund rght under your foot….

  • Brett

    I won’t say ‘phallus’ I won’t say ‘phallus’…

    But seriously, aside from those rather provocative uh “towers,” the design seems to tread lightly on the earth, and although the stilt house idea has been done before, it seems like it’s going in a responsible design direction.

  • sabino


  • joaquin cabral

    a kind of choked mashup between fujimori and murkutt but

  • Tyler

    The very first thought that jumped into my head was Swiss Family Robinson!! But despite that connection, I think it’s great. Exciting and exotic, just how a vacation home ought to be.

  • behnaz

    its more climatic consideration!

  • Ale vo Minga

    …it seems that sombody here is seeking the sun and more…. don’t try to remake torre agbar uaghhh….

  • Angelos

    the agbar tower of kenya!

  • Joe

    Yeah I know there’s some mimicry there, but I think it’s great.

  • Nom_de_Guerre

    Looks like the Gherkin, mating with some Ewok treehouses.

  • andy

    yeah, judging from these renderings, there better not be any big bad wolves around.

  • gx

    holy , now thats nice

  • Dani

    Very interesting proyect

  • mariann

    very demanding and inovative. would it work in Europe?#
    The bridge is a special touch to the project

  • titisnurabadi

    remind me of tarzan and jane..,

  • Adf

    Cool….Le Corbusier !

  • E.K.

    It can awaken as much associations as it wants, but from architectural point of view this complex still looks very stupid – shapes don’t fit to each other, it looks like absence of any idea, some quick job, “sucked out of a finger” within one evening..
    And at last, didn’t they learn composition at University or what?

  • fC

    c’est une blague?