Soho Snog by Cinimod Studio



London designers Cinimod Studio have completed a lighting installation for SNOG frozen yoghurt shop in Soho, London. 


700 glass spheres containing LED lights hang from the ceiling, constantly changing colour. Watch a movie of the installation on the designers' website.


Cinimod Studio also designed the interior of the South Kensington Snog store in our previous story.


Here's some more information from Cinimod Studio:


Cinimod Studio have created the second of their stores for SNOG Pure Frozen Yogurt, this time located in the heart of London’s vibrant Soho.


Cinimod’s design builds upon the brand identity created by ico Design and evolves the strong architectural vision created in the first store SNOG South Kensington, while introducing a different ‘quirk’ in the design: the bubbling ceiling.


This lighting feature is comprised of 700 glass globes containing LED lights and presents a new level of visual excitement and public engagement.


Under this effervescent ceiling, a gleaming white counter reaches almost the full length of the store, presenting the assorted fresh and baked Snog toppings within an elegant glass cabinet.


Marcel Wander’s Shitake stools have once again been used for the seating, arranged around bespoke tables.


Towards the rear of the store the curved super-pink walls meets the icy-cold glass wall which provides the canvas for seasonal works by guest artists.


Architecture and Lighting Design: Cinimod Studio
Branding and Graphics: ICO Design
Main Contractor: Vivid Interiors
Digital Lighting Installation: E-Luminate
Architectural Lighting: Deltalight
Feature Lighting: Cinimod Studio (bespoke product)


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  • Anonymous

    that looks so pretty and cool!

  • Fbot

    Would have been better without the black (Deltalight?) fixtures in the middle. Do you really need them?

  • These balls – accent which does everything, not any more

  • Fun and cool!!!

  • sam

    This is beautiful! I’m in new york and wish our ‘pinkberry’ looked that cool! Can’t wait to see what the next Snog stores look like :)

  • Indi

    Mmm, green cred!

  • sandy

    awesome! Came across the store by chance and it’s even better in real life. Can’t believe how bright and colorful it is even in the middle of the day. Totally Awesome.

  • Amanda

    Cool I love it, bet it lookes wiked at night.

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