House at Sobral da Lagoa by Bak Gordon



Photographer Leonardo Finotti has sent us his set of photographs documenting a recent residential project by Portuguese architect Bak Gordon.


Located at Sobral da Lagoa in Óbidos near the west coast of Portugal, the house occupies a plot between two existing houses.


Windows in the white facade are glazed in different colours.


A swimming pool on the roof of the garage overlooks fields behind the site.


The following text is from Bak Gordon:


House in Sobral da Lagoa
Portugal 2008

In a rural, vernacular village near the west coast, a white volume fills-in the void left between two houses.


The house has two faces: one facing the access and another facing the fields. In both cases, it's the character of the coloured window openings that animates their composition.


The roof extends the house perimeter to the depth of the adjacent houses and plots.


Facing the fields, the pool sets the line of the horizon while giving a roof to the storage and garage underneath.
















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  • wallace wang

    I love it!

  • good photography.

  • rodger

    exquisite. the pool set up is fabulous. this house design has such great integrity. a simple idea about color expresses itself in a way that is deeply resonant with the local venacular, landscape and light.

  • after a long, long time……..

    heart-touching, simple and profound…….

    as much to the ‘ONES’ to the ‘COUPLES’ inside….


  • nice adaptation

  • hacedeca

    The house has probably just a few windows, because this is the traditional way down there to avoid the heating up of the houses – and not because they love the darkness… vampires or something.

    If so: What is with the pool? The water will boil in there!

  • chris

    super simple but very beautiful. nice work

  • Zynk


  • estudante

    so fresh and so clean!

  • münte

    nice rail :)

  • dan

    nice work. love the pool

  • annasir

    nice house with nice it!

  • ilya

    Don’t know if I like the house so much, but the view is marvellous and of course swimming pool on the roof is great as always.
    But all the houses around look more dirty than they are because of comparison with such a new and white building.

  • Dajajas


  • frank’X

    yeah super hand rail

  • Замечательно. Просто и лаконично.
    Beautiful. Simply and succinctly.

  • One

    Two things.

    1. wonderful house to live in, wonderful to use it.
    2.architecturally it is not too difficult to reproduce it meaning, generic value but in lesser degree exclusive…

    In this current world where almost everything is possible what is then the criteria to say if this is on top of a, for example, Zaha Hadid architecture? Naturally the projects are of entirely different nature…

  • Lite

    Beautiful house!
    Beautiful posture of respect to the surroundings!
    Very sensitive … congratulations!

  • Ste

    this 0ne is all about atmospheres and spatial qualities… so many great spaces and rooms here i can almost feel the beauty of the daily life! really love it and its attention to details in combination with the reduced architecural language makes it feel perfect!

    @ One
    in this current world almost everything is possible… that makes poeple go crazy about spectacular things and forget about the beauty in many things… i dont like simplicity for its own sake but i think that most human beeings are not capable of doing complicated stuff with the same amount of precision and atmosphere… so go for the goals within your range ;-)

  • Rok

    beatiful, clean… I love it

  • One

    @ Ste
    Once morernity was defined with the use of taoe windows etc. Now? Recent mode applies windows everywhere, I wonder if there is new spirit for seeking freedom build into it? Looks as if this is so called ‘Fresh Conservative’…

  • vers

    decent and pleasant~

  • ElP

    I wouldn’t say that shutters on the inside are kind of stupid but… well… they are, aren’t they? (portugal – heat inside = baaaaad)

  • the big black & white zebra

    Bak Gordon… love it. Please come and help me in Extremadura, my building is going horribly wrong with uninspiring builders.

    Simplicity and precision… great combo and great setting. I’m architecting in Doha, Qatar and dreaming of Feria, Extremadura, a dead ringer for Sobral de Lagoa.

  • Paul, Yorkshire

    Who couldnt design that- nothing special

  • windbag

    beautiful, sober, respectful (of the surroundings), with great care for details, architecture as it should be. well done.

  • Fbot

    Good job. Great integration with existing buildings. Well done

  • it has many interesting features, the deep of the windows, the angle in the facade makes an fluid interior, the colors. it’s a very good word.

  • G

    It takes a lot of effort making something look effortless.

    A lot of work has gone into this build. Love it, and find myself dreaming of my summer holidays….

  • Alex

    great house. fits perfectly

  • Pablot

    Interesting window system!,
    Clean and could get dark if desired!
    Less is more!

  • Indi

    “I come not to bury Siza but to praise him . . .”

  • degs

    Just love that contrast. New white washed walls versus the old gritty ones. Terracotta tiles overlooking into the pool area just look awesome. Wonderfully simplistic design utilising good space. Very well thought out. Same principles I’ve tried to utilise for my own home design.

    I just find the kitchen rather un-inspiring – especially for a Portuguese village type home. I would have imagined it bigger and livelier.

  • mahrous

    simply beuatiful

  • bueso

    very very very very nice work..well done

  • gmp

    As the owner of this house y must (once more) congratulate may dear friend Bak Gordon who contibue to surprise me on the integration, open spaces and retirments ones. I’m suspect but i looooooove my house. Thank you Leonardo for great photos.

  • Katsudon

    Fantastic! This is just a great work! I couldn’t have guess that colored glass windows like this can adapt so well to such environnement before to see it on a photography.
    And the interior with this sunlight reflections… it’s beautiful and i can feel the fresh air flowing thru the house from here!

  • lagranha, s


    Great work! well inserted in the context…. great job!!!!

  • bassem

    beautiful architecture, beautiful finish, beautiful details. nice shading device. could you post some plans?

  • as the others that Bak Gordon as offered us until now [check is site!], this house is fantastic!
    as before, he proves is an extraordinary creator of atmospheres. someone, that as the rare wisdom of making a house a place you want to be in.
    you arrive and you want to layback and stay.


  • arc. zia

    Inspirational!!! simple, elegent, sympathetic, sharp, intelligent, rooted…

  • stefan


  • luciano vitiello

    Sign of time. All the comments are glorifying what is just “normal” within the surrounding. Columbus egg story still stands.

  • Afro Diety

    i’m just wondering if it’ll look as majestic after some rain stains the pristine walls

  • A dream house!!I love it!
    When I think about a house outside my hometown,its like this one.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Martin

    Så fantastiskt vackert…

    This is what architecture is about…

    Can´t stop dreaming about a house like this now.