Paco by Jo Nagasaka + Schemata
Architecture Office



Japanese architects Jo Nagasaka and Schemata Architecture Office have designed a house contained in a three metre cube.


Intended as a second home, the box has a hinged roof and contains a hammock, desk, sink and shower.


Photographs by Takumi Ota.

Here's some more information from Schemata Architecture Office:


PACO / Jo Nagasaka+Schemata Architecture Office
PACO is a box of 3m x 3m x 3m cube. And the roof opens. It has the minimum equipments to live in spite of all its size. We produced it as a conceptual model to imagine a new life style.


house + paco
factory + paco
sea + paco
mountain + paco


Depending on the combination, it describes different life styles and landscapes.


We want to make it independence by a simple substance. We need the technical skill of infrastructure free. It is possible in the field of technical skill, but it is not practical at this time. First of all, we present our vision as a designer in order to cover the gap.


design: Jo Nagasaka+Schemata Architecture Office
assistant: Daisuke Motogi
produce: roovice
partnership:  E&Y, MihokoMori, Shuhei Nakamura, Izumi Okayasu






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  • Alberto Mena

    While it looks very elegant, the overall shape reminds me of a very white dumpster.

  • tim

    I would never live in it but it would make a great set piece for a movie. We are definitely in the future now.

  • Davide


  • Luxury Larry

    Make sense as a second home. Can’t imagine having this as my main abode! I would rather be homeless!!

  • Matthews

    Innovative, to be sure. Shower and desk design is very nice. Hammock idea, perhaps a bed coming down from a wall might be more ideal.

  • Windows would be nice. so I’m assuming there’s no place to make food or store anything really.. Would be nice if the object wasn’t so white, but had natural materials like wood..just a thought. Cool project though!

  • JOM

    Tupper Life

  • James

    i agree sleeping in a hammock would kill my back

  • LB

    How do you prepare and store food? This is more like a hotel room in a box than a home. I appreciate the design, though.

  • phril

    While the concept of an entirely self-contained living unit is neat, it reminds me entirely of a padded-cell in an asylum. Being shut inside this box is enough to make you go mad, reason enough to then get one. No thanks.

  • Boccaccio

    THX 1138ish.

    I echo the white dumpster sentiment, but I do somewhat like that aspect in that it is perverse. Super clean dumpster.

    The shower makes me think of suffocation.

    Overall I like it, although much of it does not seem incredibly well thought out.

  • Tyler

    I like the idea, but the interior shots make me think of the inside of an asylum…

  • iefrita

    white again…

  • Somo

    to me it has brilliant humour and irony.. and strangely beautiful critter.

    I find it funny the architects who worry about bad backs in the hammock – tis like asking atelier van lieshout where he plans to get his slaves from.

    Tupper life indeed!

  • Richie

    I think being shut inside with only that glaring whiteness everywhere to look at would give me intense claustrophobia, or would make me feel like the subject of a lab experiment.. It’s a nice idea (the self-contained tiny house) but I don’t think the ultra-minimal pristine white cuboid look is the right approach for something that is more like a box of tricks.

  • great. easy to clean, cheaper than a regular house, better than a trailer.

  • Wybie

    its great but it need some adjustments/upgrades

  • Maxime

    I hope the system that opens the box doesn’t break or else you’re pretty much stuck in there crying for help!

  • Isobel

    Some plans would be handy, I cant quite read the interior photographs as theyre too white…

  • denise

    it is nice to take this project as a beneficial mind exercise ; but i personally think that it is the architect’s main problem to consider living area as a machine. It is completely inhuman and reminded me of THX 1138 a movie of George Lucas ..It was a good movie to give an overall idea of mechanical thinking.

  • I want to live in this house. Cool!

  • White Paper

    perfect. Super shiro…..

  • Why not to make the windows with a shutters?How its transported(if its a “free-moving-living-box”?

  • Alex

    a good answer to the micro-compact-(students)home in Munich… unfortunately it looks very steril and impersonell… best is the roof…. very simple and functional… the combination with the hammock is unbeatable :-) I want one but only a more colourful box, please

  • NOZI

    claustrophobic, isnt it? might make one loose mind. great piece of conceptual art

  • John

    The hammock and the color white can easily be solved. If you can get a kitchen program to work than it should have been in the MOMA PreFab show.

    It’s better than the one’s in the show.

    Good Luck with this!

  • ryuhei

    it’s my first time posting on dezeen
    cuz i really wanna say this:
    omg this is a joke.

  • jl

    How much does this smell?, let me count the ways…Buy a tent; with a breathable skin, with a veiled view to the stars, where the the sea is the shower, to fit under my arm, and the s**t doesn’t accumulate underneath the floor..
    what is this constant paradox of designing for durablity in nomadics? Descartes himself would find this oppressive.

  • How timely is this post?

    This week is my students submission for their Archi Design Intro Project. 3x3x3 Tiny House!!!

  • ali

    i dont think it is meant to be a permanent residence…in the renderings it always seems like the people are on vacation….so it is more of a ‘tent’…an awesome one and expensive…

    i dont know of anyone that sleeps on a hammock every night…

  • simona ongarelli

    Hi, I am the photo editor of the italian magazine A rizzoli group ( We would publish on our next issue a picture of “the house cointained in a three metre cube” by the japanese architects jo nagasaka and schemata architecture office.

    Could you please send me some hi res picture?

    thanks a lot,
    simona ongarelli

  • Joe

    It’s not a house, it’s a bathroom with hammock and desk. I was expecting innovative solutions for storage, bed, electric and networking, but no, just a box with a shower and desk inside. I have farted better designs than this.

    (sorry, a little ‘inspired’ by the fart-amplifying chair ;)

  • Gig Litfin

    Why, this is not “New” architecture, these cubicles where quite popular in the early “40s” in P.O.W. camps. They just changed the color scheme. You know white gets along with anything and they look so invitingly cuddly. I’d be there prisoner anytime!

  • actually it’s 27 meter cube, since one side of the cube is 3meter => 3x3x3=27 cubic mters not 3
    interesting concept, but it’s way too minimal, i understand it could be used for emergency situations, but still it could use some upgrades

  • klejdi

    In elementary school the history teacher once read us a book about some extremely white rooms that the Nazis used as psychic torture chambers.

    I don’t know if it’s true but for sure this cubicle really matches my imagination about those rooms that were used to make people go crazy…

    It’s all about the white, the rest of it is pretty nice.

  • Apex

    S T O P THIS M A N ! ! ! ! ! ! !…. This could become real…i think it only could be an horror movie….

  • sakshi

    does the designer think once before the way we human beings live before making things like these……. intangible things…. our feelings…. comfort….

    this is a house…. can not be a home….

    everything cant be created using technology

  • Too minimal and I would expect people to find it hard to live in it. Whats wrong with colour these days?

  • Algirdas

    I think, cheapest way, to keep people in the bath connected to de Matrix, much more economy looking to the future…

  • Aza

    It is good for hiding from aliens after nuclear catastrophe

  • LOW

    LOL I love it’s name.. Paco

  • Jordan

    This is interesting now…until we’re forced to live in these in the future :)