Revolving Chandelier by Bertjan Pot



Milan 09: Dutch designer Bertjan Pot will exhibit a reflective, rotating lamp at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan next week.


The lamp consists of three small light-shades covering three halogen bulbs, all surrounded by a fourth, larger shade.


The shades are made of a transparent, reflective material and are shaped like propellers. As the heat emitted by the bulbs rises, the four shades rotate.


Watch a movie of the chandelier here.

The following information is from Bertjan Pot:


The revolving chandelier

The revolving chandelier has four, half reflective, half transparent light-shades. The lightshades are shaped like a propellor and balance on a small steel tip. The rising air, heated by the three halogen bulbs makes all four lightshades rotate.
The idea of heat making a lightshade rotate is nothing new of course... many of you probably had a bed light when you were young with a small rotating landscape scene.

One day in the near future halogen lights will probably be banned. I still don’t know if this is good or bad. Up untill now there still is no good energy efficient full-spectrum replacement for the halogen bulbs. In the case of the revolving chandelier, at least the excess energy (heat in stead of light) is used to do something extra for the light... making it revolve silently and make the whole light twinkle like an old-fashioned chandelier.

For now the revolving chandelier is produced in a limited edition of 12.

It will be shown at the wonderful shop of Rossana Orlandi in Milan, during the Salone 2009.

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More about Bertjan Pot on Dezeen:



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  • A ‘fantastic’ lamp-machine! Will definitely visit Rosanna Orlandi.

  • Beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice!!!!

  • Cr

    F___ing awesome ! Cannot wait to see it at Rossana.

  • LOW

    Reminds me of Beetlejuice :D

  • blueblue

    from out of nowhere Pot delivers. This puts a smile on my face and confidence that there is still original and totally oddball people in the business. well done Bertjan!

  • Scorpio020nl

    It is is is fabulous..I love it I love it I love it

  • xtiaan

    and now from the tim burton school of design we present!….

    love it btw


    its like a discoball without the disco

  • Bertjan Pot is a genius ….we did some great co-design with Marcel Mooi

  • sorry, Bertjan Pot is a genius ….who did some great and iconic co-design with Marcel Mooi…

  • Jennifer

    i like this very much

  • mikaël

    glad this is just a rendering, not pot’s best

  • Hahahaha that last comment is just to funny not to react…
    Mikael!, thank you for the compliment..these pictures are really not renderings..I wish i could make em that good. I like the fact that a real product picture is mistaken for a rendering. ..but if you had probably known a bit more about rendering you would also have known that it would have looked totally dfferent from these pictures.
    I agree..they do carry a bit of computer easthetics with them.
    It must be the same as when photograpy was first introduced in the art world that painters started cropping compositions in a photograpic way so that for the first time half people would appear in paintings..
    and now that the computer is #1 designtool for a lot of designers (not for me) designs get more computer like,..even if they were totally handcrafted.
    ah well…
    if you had checked the youtube clip I posted you would have seen i don’t own a steady cam and if i would have been better at post editing I would have cropped the TL tubes on the ceiling out;-) to milano now!


  • mikaël

    darn, I knew something was wrong… I don’t get the creeps for no reason! thanks you for sharing, keep it up and be nice in Milan