Nomad table by Jorre van Ast



Milan 09: London designer Jorre van Ast of OKAYstudio will launch Nomad table for manufacturers Arco at the Milan Furniture Fair next week.


Solid ash legs with an octagonal section screw into wooden screw threads in the table top, which is made of honeycombed balsa wood and poplar sheet material, covered in oak veneer.


The table top is 68mm thick in the centre and tapers to 10mm at the edges.


Here's some text from Arco:


'Nomad' table designed by Jorre van Ast

Jorre van Ast’s first design for the Arco collection is a lightweight portable table. This slim and handy piece of furniture is absolutely ideal for young cosmopolitans with a nomadic lifestyle.


While most other tables are usually constructed with the aid of metal parts, this piece of furniture is made entirely and exclusively from wood. Different kinds wood, each with their own specific properties and qualities, are crafted together to create the perfect lightweight rigidity. The table top is constructed as a threedimensional sandwich with a core made from honeycomb, balsawood and thin poplar wood sheet material. The legs are made of solid ash.


The ingenuity of the design is concealed beneath the table top where it is virtually invisible. The table top is 68mm thick in the centre yet tapers to just 10mm at the sides. So the table is sufficiently stable yet looks fabulously slim. The whole table top is finished with oak veneer, which also covers the tapered underside of the table. The thickness of the table top contains space for wooden screw threads, into which the legs are screwed. A beautiful example of traditional joinery craftsmanship. The legs are octagonal in shape to give them sufficient grip. This serves as both a functional element and a decorative element.


Arco has been specialising in wooden tables for decades and the most sophisticated production methods and technical innovations have always played a major role in its design and production. With this design Jorre van Ast has pushed back the frontiers of wood working technology further still and created new possibilities.

Types of wood : oak veneer, legs solid ash
Sizes (cm) : 190/210/240x95x75

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  • great simple design

  • jake


  • slater

    nice, clean design. How heavy it this thing? i understand the core is some sort of honeycomb (great idea).

  • great!

  • james

    very nice

  • The notion of craft, in combination with some more recent technologies and fabrication techniques, is coming back…

  • R

    Inspired by the MacBook Air : )

    Looks very nice. I like the way it curves from 68 to 10 mm, ending in a sharp edge.

  • archcritic


  • Piper Maxwell

    In. Love.

  • Xit

    Reminds me of a modern reworkimg of CACCIAVITE by P.G.Castiglioni & Achille Castiglioni

  • naf

    ?..what’s the deal? like the ikea ones

  • thanks Xit, i think also some chair are made with the same principe

  • js

    Love the top. But hate the legs.

  • Lovely, elegant. The legs really add something, making it more than just sharp lines.

  • g

    Very nice!!

  • so simple and beautiful. I love it!

  • Nice and… technological thing.

  • I love the threaded wood!

  • might be ever nice if the legs taper in towards the ends