RE:cover by Fredrik Färg



Milan 09: young Swedish designer Fredrik Färg presents a range of found chairs rejuvenated with felt coverings at SaloneSatellite in Milan this week.


The fabric structures are inspired by vintage tailoring.


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Here's an explanation from Färg:


RE:cover - Bespoke dresses for old chairs.


The project looks to the beauty of those shapes that never change. Fredrik takes his inspiration from classic tailoring, such as suits and
dinner jackets that never go out of style.


By using old chairs from flea markets and removing the backrest, replacing it with a new textile dress/structure of mouldable polyester felt, he is creating “slow fashion” furniture, giving the old chairs a new glance.


Material: Old chairs and a new cover of 100% recyclable polyester felt.


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  • j

    I want one, these are lovely, i really appreciate the detail in the way the felt has been worked, they also look really comfortable.


    Classic but on edge. Excelent. . . Love the texture of the material, it makes the whole project more personal and believable.

  • Indi

    Why do we always come back to charcoal grey?

  • What a lovely idea and it works so well! I think they’re gorgeous, well thought out with just enough detail without going overboard.

    Indi I think they are perfect in charcoal grey because it allows the design and texture to come to the fore.

  • Da’lo

    The first word that came to mind…SEXY!
    The colours, the material, the texture…I just want to have them all at once. I bet they smell nice too!