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Table, Bench, Chair by Sam Hecht

Milan 09: Established & Sons present new work by designers including Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility Alexander Taylor, and Terence Woodgate and John Barnard.


Table, Bench, Chair (above) by Sam Hecht is a bench divided into different configurations of seating by steam-bent, beech frames.

Terence Woodgate and John Barnard have created a chair (below) to go with their Surface table, launched last year.Terence Woodgate and John Barnard have created a chair (below) to go with their Surface table, launched last year.

The chair is made of layered carbon fibre.


The show continues until Sunday at La Pelota, Via Palermo 10.


Here's some more information from Established & Sons:


Table, Bench, Chair by Sam Hecht ⁄ Industrial Facility

The idea to combine several seating opportunities and functions into a single product was initiated by a trip on the Tokyo metro by designer Sam Hecht. Here individual seating spaces are designated along a communal bench. Hecht used this principle as a starting point and has similarly differentiated various functional areas along the length of his bench with the help of traditional steam bent beech frames. These appear to slice through the solid wood bench that is the constant element in the design. Three versions of Table, Bench, Chair are available; a chair, bench and love seat. Designated seating space is profiled into the solid oak base.

Surface Chair by Terence Woodgate & John Barnard

The typology of the much celebrated Surface Table is translated into the form of a chair. This product is an evolution of the collaboration between designer Terence Woodgate and famed Formula One designer John Barnard. The same material and processes that facilitated the supreme strength and slim, elegant form for the Surface Table are applied to the Surface Chair. The chair’s key characteristics are a svelte profile and highly polished finish that reveals the structure of this exceptional material.

Punch by Alexander Taylor

The most significant detail of the Punch range of cabinets is the repetitious indentation on the products’ doors. These indentations have a structural purpose and have been made in order to add maximum strength to the thin gauge metal aluminium used. Elementary materials, used to their optimal performance, is a key characteristic of this collection. As is the compact, domestic scale of the pieces and the economical approach to their manufacture.

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