Lazy Bastard by Bertjan Pot for Montis



Milan 09: Dutch brand Montis presented a "beanbag on legs" by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot, at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last week.


The chair, which is called Lazy Bastard, is filled with polystyrene balls like a beanbag, but also has arms, a back and legs.


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Here's some info from Montis:


A beanbag sits and fits like a glove. The polystyrene bead filling adjusts to any sitting position.


Bertjan Pot with Lazy Bastard combines the casualness of a beanbag with the comfort of a lounge chair.


He placed the beanbag as it were on legs, in a smooth outer shape that contains the flexible contents. Lazy Bastard allows for extra comfortable sitting as its seat is higher and fitted with armrests.


The specially designed fabric gives the beanbag chair a relaxed look and touch that will particularly appeal to the youth, as well as the price tag will.

Legs: color frame corresponding with fabric color, with black synthetic caps

Filling: the cover is filled with polystyrene beads and can be refilled

Proportions (w x d x h): 93 x 98 x 76 cm

Upholstery: fabric Triangle or Stitch

Available: on request

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  • modular

    That chair is a lazy bastard!

  • mikaël

    so am I, so you can expect to see my ass sitting in one of those

  • modular

    Mikaël you’re a lazy bastard!

  • chereshire

    That will definitely wreck havoc on the spine. D:

  • The seat is too long to bend the knees and too short to put the legs up. I would think the intended buyer would prefer the legs to be extended?

  • garth n.

    very animated. comfy.overall-delightful.

  • sunshine design

    surprisingly comfy !!

  • joe jo-jo

    chairs…like buildings need to be photographed with people in them so we can tell how uncomfortable (or not) they are!

  • See also Front design for Moroso…Micro trend or Trend?

  • poncho

    prof. z there is no new trend in sack-like sofas.
    regarding the seating, when you sit lazily, your back is usually curved and half of it is leaning on the lower rest, meaning your legs are left hanging. not with this design, quite nice.

  • sarah

    woohoo…mw first impression how can i teleport those sofas into my house. and get them everyday after i got home to relaxxx…what a nice dream i have.

  • a beanbag on legs with the typology of an armchair, it’s a very new concept…

  • Naimit

    I have one of these chairs in my bedroom, sat next to a window. I use it for reading, but after a long day it’s so damn comfortable I often fall asleep in it before I can move to the bed.

    I’m thinking about replacing my living room furniture, which is getting long in the tooth, with several of these. I do wish they’d manufacture a love seat version though. I’d buy that, too.