Competiton: five copies of Designing Sustainable Packaging to be won

Dezeen have joined up with Laurence King Publishing to offer readers the chance to win five copies of Designing Sustainable Packaging by Scott Boylston, plus a 30% discount on the book when ordered from the publisher's website.


The 192-page, paperback book is divided into two sections; the first explores the theory and aims of the packaging design industry, and reasons for the shift towards considering environmental concerns.


The second section is intended as a practical guide to making sustainable packaging prototypes and gives step-by-step tutorials with examples of student work.


Laurence King Publishing have offered all Dezeen readers a 30% discount on the book if they order from using the code 'DEZEEN30'.


This competition has now closed.


Five winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page.


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Here's some more information from Laurence King:


Designing Sustainable Packaging is a practical book about creating packaging prototypes that reflect sustainable and ecologically sound principles. It challenges the next generation of graphic designers to re-envision packaging design as a less environmentally destructive practice than it presently is, and examines an array of techniques and methodologies for creating innovative and sustainable packaging designs, from first concept to final production.


Designing Sustainable Packaging is organized into two distinct sections, embracing first the theory and then the practice of eco-friendly packaging design. The first part looks at the objectives of the packaging-design industry, and examines the reasons why the focus is now shifting from traditional concerns such as durability, desirability and profitability to long-term issues surrounding environmental responsibility and use of natural resources.


Examining the importance of the social and environmental as well as the economic considerations of operating a business, the book features interviews with industry insiders – such as Anne Johnson, Director of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition – and case studies examining companies that are leading the way in sustainable packaging design, including Pangea Organics, Innocent and Method.


The second section helps graphic designers to conceive, develop, design and construct fully-functional packaging. Step-by-step tutorials and examples of student work reveal how a package can be re-envisioned as a product in its own right, and provide an insight into the creative process and the development of successful prototypes.

  • A complete guide to designing eco-friendly packaging, which is a growing concern for companies and consumers alike in today’s climate of heightened environmental awareness.
  • Packed with step-by-step photographic tutorials, clear diagrams, case studies and interviews with innovative designers and companies, detailing the entire process of developing and producing environmentally-friendly packaging.
  • Arranged in a clear and logical fashion, bringing together a wealth of information relating to client commissions, design considerations, materials, processes and best practices for creating innovative and sustainable packaging designs.
  • An essential reference for design students as well as experienced packaging-design and marketing professionals looking to embrace eco-friendly ways of working.

Scott Boylston is a writer and professor of graphic design at Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia, USA. He also lectures widely on the social, cultural and ethical aspects of graphic design. He is the author and designer of two previous books: Creative Solutions for Unusual Projects, a Book-of-the-Month selection for the Graphic Design Book Club, and Corrosion: Season of Anecdote, an exploration of ecological decline across the globe. He has also had several works of short fiction published. Before moving to Savannah, Scott Boylston worked as the art director of a New York City design firm and owned an environmentally-friendly surfwear company.

Congratulations to the winners! Hua Shaoliang in China, Marketa Brezovska in Austria, Mark Harrison in the UK, and Evan Litvin and Mian Ye in the USA all won copies of Design Sustainable Packaging by Scott Boylston.


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