Wooden Carpet by Elisa Stroyzk



German design student Elisa Stroyzk has created a rug made of wood-veneer offcuts.


The geometric pieces are laser-cut or cut by hand then bonded to a textile backing.


Stroyzk is currently studying at Central Saint Martins college of art and design in London.


Photos are by Sebastian Neeb.


Here's some more information from Elisa Stroyzk:


I am currently graduating from Central St. Martins College in London and for my MA project I developed a "wooden textile", an innovative material for interiors.


The project “wooden textiles” intends to look at the material wood in a new way. Geometric wooden pieces compose a flexible surface which can perform in different three-dimensional shapes. The material ranges between hard and soft, parquet and carpet, blurring relationships between furniture and textiles.

How can wood transform into a textile?

1. What materials and techniques have you used?

I was working with veneer wood leftovers from a wood workshop which is closing down. The wood is cut by hand or lasercut into pieces of different geometric shapes. All pieces are stuck by hand on a textile base and compose a flexible surface.

2. What inspires you?

Material itself and our presumptions about it. I like to switch properties and meanings and pose questions like: Can a hard material be liquid or soft? I look at everyday objects around us and try to rethink their function or imagine hybrids between them.

3. What does Textile Futures means to you?

In the future we will have to deal with more waste and less resources. Therefore it is fundamental to be aware about lifecycles of objects. For me that means to use material that is able to grow old beautifully. Another way to save resources is working with reused or recycled objects and material waste. Also it is crucial to aim for a closer relationship between subject and object. This can be achieved through more flexibility and changeability, the possibility of growth or surprising elements.


*born 1982 in Berlin
2007-2009: MA Future Textile Design at Central Saint Martins London
2007: Diploma in Textile and Surface Design at KHB Berlin
2006: Study at ENSAD in Paris
2008: winner of Samsonite-competition " Future Travel"
Internships at Samsonite, PvanB wallpapers

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  • very very very nice

  • How awesome is this? I love the (fun)ctional aspects to this. As someone with a toddler, having a stylish home often feels like a lost cause, yet this rug manages to combine style, function, fun, and practicality and does so beautifully! Absolutely amazing.

  • gaque


  • cornballer

    I really want one. where?!

  • Indi

    Always ask the bastard question- how do you clean it?

  • Cr

    F___ing awesome !

  • kelvin

    I don’t agree with Nicole. yes it’s very nice looking and it’s something new from the traditional rug, but i don’t think this rug has the same functionality that other rug, people always finds a way to have a soft rug instead of the hard rug? it’s not comfortable. and the veneer has to be special treated. that is all my opinion.

  • jc

    i think this is beautiful. however it doesn’t live up to the pushing material roperties statement
    wood veneer glue on to fabric…………

    issey miyake’s bilbao bag has done it already

  • teabag

    JC, agree with you totally. bilbao bag is exactly the same concept. tough to be 100% original innit…!

  • Cleans with a vacuum and mineral oil. I imagine you can spray and wipe.

  • alessio nardi

    So glad to see you published on Dezeen!! Amazing Work, You deserve it!!

  • jean

    Amazing and very creative! Can form into any 3D shapes you want. But are wood veneer really thin when folded or bent?

  • hilary

    This piece is beautiful. Although the above criticisms are fair, this work is really inspiring and every design cannot be 100% satisfying everyones needs. It would be exciting to see how this technique can be used with differnt materials.

  • Really, really like it. But, after working with veneer it has a weakness in the grain and with the flexibility in the rug i worry it will split. Although I do like a lot.

  • agree with jc.
    But looks pretty cool.

  • good one, is impressive how flat surface becomes as 3d..love it.

  • Looks a lot like this project in Washington, DC: http://thestraighttorquer.com/?p=1127

  • R Waggoner

    Awesome. Economic and exciting use of space. It is beautiful! How about a lightweight yoga mat that conveniently folds?