Blur by Big-game



Brussels designers Big-game have created a collection of objects with graduated patterns applied to their surfaces that make them appear blurry.


Called Blur, the range includes low tables, mirrors, lamps and a vase decorated with the silkscreen-printed pattern.


"Erasing bits of reality, the series is composed of meticulously materialized objects celebrating the disappearance of materiality," say the designers.


Captions are provided by Big-game. Above: BLUR Mirror. A mirror with a silkscreened white gradient that make one’s reflection disappear gradually.


Above and below: BLUR Vase. The flowers are shoved completely in this unusually high vase.


Only the meddling coloured shadows appear through the frosted white glass.


Above and belwo: BLUR Lamp. The glass dome is an archetype used to show, protect and sacralise a fragile or precious object.


Here, it becomes a glowing shape in frosted white glass that illuminates its surroundings rather than shows its content. As if the fetish had vanished into smoke.


Above and top image: BLUR Tables. A series of low tables in maple silkscreened with a watermarked gradient. Pedestals for missing statues. A small living-room cityscape lost in the clouds.

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  • R

    A simple application but with extraordinary effects. Nice!

  • trespo
  • David Klemmer

    I love the mirror idea!

  • danny

    BUT WHY…

  • Erasing bits of reality…I like that in the vases and the tables best. I cannot decide about the mirror. Certainly I do not want to watch myself disappear, but there might be others…

  • Luxury Larry

    Why would you want to make your reflection disappaear gradually?

  • phil

    I like the twist in this design, instead of creating reality they decided to make it disappear. Very nice thinking

  • charlotte

    lovely lovely lovely! the miror is great! It’s like photoshopping reality.

  • David Klemmer

    I don’t like to see myself disappear. I just like the way how it works and how this “technology” can be used in architecture.

  • g

    how else are you going to reenact that scene from Back to the Future…

    I think these are nice applications of the technique (I think the wood is particularly nice IMO)…

    just to give some context or perhaps inspiration, Larry Bell created many works that were variations on the theme of transparency/reflectivity….

  • and i thought it was just the boxes.. i don’t mind these.. nice mirror and vase!

  • gabriel tan

    congrats augustine, greg and elric! I didn’t get to see this in Milan, I think they are great work and really nice scenography… keep it up and see you guys in Milan/Bar Basso next year!

  • Boccaccio

    here’s a question for the moderators. do you only permit positive feedback? i have had two negative comments rejected and frankly i don’t think they were that bad.

  • This is innovative design! Taking it to the edge, but beautiful, functional, and practical. Great stuff, thanks for posting.

  • LL

    I really like the execution of this, also a big fan of the tables and the mirror, very poetic.

  • Excellent.
    pity i didn’t see it in Milano.
    Would love to see it myself in Brussels.
    Is this possible?

  • Really love the lamps – some great design.

  • Pauline

    Hey, they’re not Belgium but Swiss :-)