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Blur by Big-game

Brussels designers Big-game have created a collection of objects with graduated patterns applied to their surfaces that make them appear blurry.


Called Blur, the range includes low tables, mirrors, lamps and a vase decorated with the silkscreen-printed pattern.


"Erasing bits of reality, the series is composed of meticulously materialized objects celebrating the disappearance of materiality," say the designers.


Captions are provided by Big-game. Above: BLUR Mirror. A mirror with a silkscreened white gradient that make one’s reflection disappear gradually.


Above and below: BLUR Vase. The flowers are shoved completely in this unusually high vase.


Only the meddling coloured shadows appear through the frosted white glass.


Above and belwo: BLUR Lamp. The glass dome is an archetype used to show, protect and sacralise a fragile or precious object.


Here, it becomes a glowing shape in frosted white glass that illuminates its surroundings rather than shows its content. As if the fetish had vanished into smoke.


Above and top image: BLUR Tables. A series of low tables in maple silkscreened with a watermarked gradient. Pedestals for missing statues. A small living-room cityscape lost in the clouds.

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