Leather Collection by Maarten De Ceulaer



Milan 09: Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer has designed the Leather Collection - a desk and small chest of drawers made of briefcases for Nilufar Gallery in Milan.


Called Desk of Briefcases and Small Pile of Briefcases, the pieces are a continuation of the Pile of Suitcases concept that De Ceulaer exhibited at at the Graduation Galleries 2008 show at Design Academy Eindhoven last October - see our previous story for more information.


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  • peter

    great. i would like to see it in poppy colours or differnt types of briefcases.

  • garth n.

    great. could you do it in pink fluffy hat boxes too. that would be neat.

  • George

    love it

  • I like the desk best of all, even the colors. I noticed at IFF that De Ceulaer’s materials are not as rich and luxurious in person as they are in the photographs. I hope that is not true of these.

  • Xit

    looks like a window display from a stationary & leather goods shop.
    Very popular with the corperate knob shiners.

  • lulu

    to Royal Creme,

    I have seen the pieces in Milan and in New York as well, and I thought that the materials were actually looking absolutely rich in person. I don’t know what is your knowledge about leathers, as a fashion/shoe designer I work with leather all the time, and I can tell you this is absolutely top-quality.

    Totally love it !

  • dsgngurunyc

    Classy,well finished and beautiful pieces that make us rethink basic furniture and its functions. I have seen most of these pieces and the quality is fantastic, and the colur palate adult and considered. For me Maarten was unquestionably the best student of his year from Eindhoven. While other students had more press grabbing (studenty!) pieces, Maarten is a ‘slow burner’ producing simple beautiful design that is innovative and has a sense of permanence.

  • Without a doubt Maarten will continue to dazzle with the soft spoken and functional designs. I am stunned by the simple elegance of these pieces. The desk is a masterpiece.