Autonomous Living Unit by Eduardo McIntosh



Designer Eduardo McIntosh has proposed a way of putting all the functions of a home into a single chair.


Called Autonomous Living Unit, the project envisages furniture that could be installed in derelict buildings and deserted housing projects to "provide for the basic needs of the 21st century human being."


Autonomous Living Unit was presented as part of an exhibition called Future Cities: Past, Present at the d3 gallery in New York last month. Here are more details from designer Eduardo McIntosh:


Autonomous Living Units is a somewhat satirical project that stands at the intersection of the current housing crisis, the tendency of people in developed countries to live on their own and the trend of turning architecture into a consumer product.


The project poses a scenario in which living units (homes) have evolved into the most minimal yet visually alluring objects that can still provide for the basic needs of the 21st century human being.


Because of the morphing of architecture into furniture, the Living Units could be inserted in derelict areas and ruined housing projects.


This project was exhibited among others at the d3 Gallery in New York for the "Future Cities: Past, Present" exhibition in April 2009.



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  • hmmm

    really? how can you be so idealist and pessimist?

  • hmmm

    but really i haven’t come up with anything better

  • Anyone ever read E.M. Forster’s famous short story, “The Machine Stops”? I think the woman in the story, Vashti, would probably be enveloped in a contraption like this.

  • croftdesign

    Sweet, for a video game. But truly, I think Mr. McIntosh is kidding. …Graphically pleasing to look at.

  • (:

    With little adjustment it will be a nice erotic toy

  • INawe

    its the matrix pod 1.0 lol

  • Bit of a couch-potato’s daydream – the Swiss Army knife of chairs, but, beyond informing us where it can be put and that it can be used whilst wearing 5″ heels, how is it actually intended to work..?

  • amsam

    I’m with Tomi. It’s a fun idea, but so unbelievably lazy to have stopped the thinking process at the conceptual level and just drawn something to look randomly sci-fi. How about hashing out some specifics?

  • Drago

    Very nice design…, very nice object…

    Very interesting questions to the inhabit subject, and really cool design… Good stuff!

  • tiffany

    super nice and original. Love it!

  • Ummmm…..

  • Azm

    Pure furniture Porn!!! Love it .

    “all the functions of a home into a single chair” I dont understand how??

  • Very curious graffiti on the walls, though I think if you got those woofers going you could have some serious structural issues.

  • Sander

    But does it float?

  • nos

    you’ve kind of already lost when you feel compelled to explicitly state that your project is “somewhat satirical” in the first sentence…

  • N

    Seen Wall-E? Dont live your life in a chair. Quite fun little project though.

  • bodkin

    where’s the toaster?

  • Xit

    Tim Burton in a parallel life as a bad design student

  • croftdesign

    Nobody here has a clue… Eduardo is not serious, of course not! This is his attempt to convey how incredibly slothful the over-privileged consumer has become… rather effective I think

  • squeed

    wont make a comfy bed, no cooker, washin machine etc… i think the homeless would think the world had gone mad and the designers are taking the piss out of them somewhat… just a bit…

  • Idiocracy

    All we really need is the chair from Idiocracy.

  • kwei

    tries to be a provocative joke…

  • Really? this is not a living unit, and if it´ll be surely is not for people that need live in a little space… the living unit is created by extremely situations, like homeless, natural disaster or any kind of emergency, associate whit low cost and non-space, not like this… this is a toy, like wii, or any game system… please…design for be cool?

  • Dave

    “In Your Room”, Depeche Mode

  • Q

    sad story!=D

  • Awesome..totally cool. and outta this world! Great work..

  • reminds me of those simulation-pods from matrix 1.0!!!…..

    we have started peeping throught the last!

  • Escape

    Does anyone else remember All That? on Nickelodeon? Now that chair was the all in one.. haha. If they ever offered a class that tried to design the most outrageous chair concept and then have you build a 1:1 mock up.. I would definitely take that.

  • (response to – hmmm) of course you can be an idealist and a pessimist? Its the pessimism that provokes and drives the urge for idealism.

    Whether this be through designing dystopia, theres always an underling agenda for
    a positive change.