The Stone Towers by Zaha Hadid Architects



Zaha Hadid Architects have unveiled plans for an office and retail development called The Stone Towers in Cairo, Egypt.


Inspired by the patterns and textures of ancient Egyptian stonework, the north and south facades of each tower will be covered with recesses and protrusions emphasising the effects of light and shadow on the surfaces.


Here's some more information from Zaha Hadid Architects:



The Stone Towers by Zaha Hadid Architects for Rooya Group of Egypt is located in the Stone Park district of  Cairo. Providing office and retail facilities to a rapidly expanding Cairo, the unique 525,000sqm Stone Towers development also includes a five-star business hotel with serviced apartments, retail with food and beverage facilities and sunken landscaped gardens and plaza called the 'Delta'.

Hisham Shoukri, CEO of Rooya Group said "There is a overwhelming need in Egypt for developments of the highest international standards required by the serious and growing investment climate of the country - ultimately contributing to making it a hub for multinationals in the region. The Stone Towers needed an architect with daring ideas, innovation, international expertise and experience…it needed Zaha Hadid."

Ancient Egyptian stonework incorporates a vast array of patterns and textures that, when illuminated by the intense sunlight of the region, creates animated displays of light and shadow. The effect is powerful, direct and inspiring. The facades on the North and South elevations of each building within Stone Towers adopts a rich vocabulary of alternating protrusions, recesses and voids to enhance the deep reveal shadow lines that accentuate the curvatures of each building within the development and animate the project throughout the day.

“I am delighted to be working in Cairo, states Hadid. “I have visited Egypt many times and I have always been fascinated by the mathematics and arts of the Arab world. In our office we have always researched the formal concepts of geometry - which relates a great deal to the region’s art traditions and sciences in terms of algebra, geometry and mathematics. This research has informed the design for Stone Towers.

“With a large-scale project such as the Stone Towers, care must be taken to balance a necessary requirement for repetitive elements whilst avoiding an uncompromising repetition of static building masses.” states Hadid. “The architecture of Stone Towers pursues a geometric rhythm of similar, interlocking, yet individually differentiated building forms that creates a cohesive composition.”

Client: Rooya Group
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Structural Engineer: Adams Kara Taylor
Gross Building Area: 525,000 m2
Site Area: 170,000 m2

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  • roadkill

    “nspired by the patterns and textures of ancient Egyptian stonework…”
    which ones are they referring to? looks more like Arizona cactus to me – very sustainable as all of Zahahahahaaahaa’s work

  • Philip

    Just too much Hadid! She wants to take over the world!! Aaah – run!!!

  • broken designer

    “inspired by the patterns and textures of ancient Egyptian stonework…”???

    All of her work has this same pattern. Her website has this same pattern. She is obssessed with it.

  • ste

    more like:
    “inspired by the patterns and textures of…”

    finally she can use the dated homepage design as a building… thats efficient recycling! and efficiency matters for big offices ;-) congratulation

  • scruces

    very prolific

  • Vla

    I think they are talking about Cairo in Greene County, New York, United States…
    I can’t be Egypt…

  • I feel great relief that it is cacti that informed these shapes rather than what normally might a Hadid works.

  • INawe

    how brutalist of her firm. i’m gonna go out on a limb and say once this is built there are going to be a lot of sci-fi movies using this as a backdrop. ;)

  • QCinDC

    Is Dezeen contractually required to post every single item that Zaha Hadid’s office submits to them? She submits two renderings of a “proposed” building and it makes the cut? Come on, Dezeen!

    I think that for the remainder of 2009, Zaha should be allowed to submit only photos of COMPLETED projects.

  • Jambo Crorkin

    The true essence of the Egyptian stone is sadly lost in this recent project of Zahas.

    If we close our eyes, cross our legs and take deep breaths and invisage the Egyptian stone, one can imagine a heavily scupltured masculine form rising up from the undulating horizontal planes of the Egyptian landscape.

    A baron, dry land should be reflected in the form, yet this scheme has more in common with freshly cut grass than stonework. Grass is feminine, and femininity and Egypt are two things that do not go hand in hand.

    More masculinity is definately required here. I love masculinity.

  • The landscape around the structure is the best bit!

    Palm trees look great in renders. Fact.

  • luis

    beloved zaha, keep it on shoes, no more buildings… :(

  • These are beautiful and have some great potential…can’t wait for them to be realized

  • Jamiego

    INawe – “brutalist”? Really?

  • houdhXp

    Vla :
    no , it is cairo in EGYPT .

    Urban design is the best of ZaHa …

  • alan

    this work very suitable and logical
    i love your style zahaaaaaaa

  • M

    wtf…….this is just a wavy le corbusier replica!!!!!
    i just hope the financial crisis hits her office soon, before she continues making this kind of crimes.

  • Please. Make it stop.

  • “Inspired by the patterns and textures of ancient Egyptian stonework”
    hahahaha seems everyone is laughing about this…. who said that?? that came from ZHA? or from the ppl at in any case…. bullshit!!! hahahaha, c’mon guys, get some serious criticism here. P L E A S E!

  • Azm

    Oh come on Guy’s !!! lets be reasonable.
    At least some one is not effected by the Dammed recession!!!!!!!!

  • this will be great to egypt that zaha will build 2 project in cairo , the stone towers and expo cairo ( my fav one ) so if any one can just get me any pic of expo cairo or the presentation movie of stone towers i wil be very happy ……….. sry for my bad English

  • cm

    this reminds me of my summers on Vulcan…..

  • saif

    i admire many of her works, but unfortunatley this looks like the towers designed for dubai multiplied in large number and scaled down to fit the new program.

    • sara

      this reminds me nothing of egypt. i m from egypt and i think she just desperately wants to make super cool project. i dont see any relation to culture, to identity to the area…nothing…if you go to egypt, you will understand what i mean. she says "I have always been fascinated by the mathematics and arts of the Arab world."…i think she referrs dubai..that has many luxus buildings.

  • preettysandhu

    the lord of the rings

  • zee

    Inspired by Egyptian patterns? hmmm alot of her work is inspired by “Egyptian patterns”

  • Sven

    The beauty of the design is in the idea of letting of all traditional facades.
    Egyptian stone… where do they get stone… mountains, craters etc…
    have you ever seen a square mountain, or a straight edged crater?
    well what i mean is, following basic ideas of “perfect”, nothing is as perfect as a circle, no edge, everything goes in unison, imitating the feal of a circle in something as trivial as a building does change a lot.
    as the curves in the buildings (any one of her designs) shade the ground, nothing but beauty can be seen.
    i know this seems very wrong for many, but the world’s designers are famous for their style. Ralph Lauren and the polo, same cut different horse and number every few years. with Zaha, Same defenition in her art, the curves, the glass formation, but different scale, surroundings and feel.
    egyptian patterns, yes, go to any temple, everything is so perfect, everything is so… yes… round… (except the monuments and statues) enter a room in a temple, yes you guessed it, no square room, something is always tilted, time wear and tear or anything. it just seems beautiful.
    i have one word… dont hate… dont envy… follow or start your own trend!

    to Zaha.
    Thanks for the inspiration, im working on a tower, called the Zaha (my first work).

    to all the haters… “You follow and agree, or you start and deconstruct” – (sven de louf, from his journal, the indigo)


  • Darren

    just curious, how is the distance between ench block??? is there a plan with dimension show of it? cheers!!!