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Milan 09: design collective Outofstock exhibited a collection of five furniture pieces as part of the SaloneSatellite at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan in April.


The collection includes a chair, lamp, desk, side table and coat stand.


Arbor is a desk made of five different solid woods, with a drawer in the front and lift-up storage compartments in the top.


Sherlock is an LED lamp made of powder-coated steel and beech, inspired by a magnifying glass.


The Coat Shed is illuminated from beneath it's aluminium top and includes coat hooks made of Corian.


The Naked Chair is made of solid beech and folded steel.


The Black Forest table has a steel top that reflects objects placed on it.


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Here's some more information from the designers:


Outofstock at Milan Design Week 2009

Outofstock exhibited new projects at the Salone Satellite of the Milan Furniture Fair last month. A collection of five projects – Arbor, Sherlock, Coat Shed, Black Forest and Naked Chair were shown. Outofstock also selected by Elle Decoration Spain to show at the Elle Decoration Young Talents Show located in the basement of Super Studio Piu, where Black Forest and Naked Chair were exhibited.



Arbor, which stands for trees in Latin, is a compact work desk featuring five different solid woods – oak (main), sucupira, wenge, teak, and maple. Ideal for small apartments and hotel rooms, the Arbor desk is suited for laptops and light paperwork. It allows for storage through a front-opening drawer and four top-opening compartments on the table surface. The storage compartments are descending in size as one moves towards the right, allowing one to organize his/her workspace in a convenient manner. Legs of the desk can be dissembled and packed separately for convenient transportation.



A floor lamp inspired by the magnifying glass. The light source is a ring diffuser containing twenty seven wide-angle LEDs. An iconic, sculptural lamp at 1.9 metres tall when fully upright, it can be used as a task light when inclined or as an ambient lamp when rotated upright. The prototype is realised in powder coated steel and beech wood.


Coat Shed

Inspired by the garden shed, this coat rack is designed to welcome people into the room or space it is placed in. It's relaxed slanted position and illumination from its roof brings a welcoming presence, telling newcomers it is ready to take their coat. The coat shed is made of solid beech, with an aluminium roof and seven sliding coat hooks (in corian).


Black Forest

Inspired by tree branches, this table is made up of two interlocking Y-shaped oak junctions and an asymmetric top. It can be disassembled into three separate parts for flat shipping. We tried to achieve the visual analogy of a pool of water with the table surface, such that when objects are placed on the steel mirror table top, we see its reflection beneath.


Naked Chair

A chair made of solid beech and folded sheet steel, it can be described as naked because the chair’s structural frame is revealed in the seat and backrest, flaunting its construction as its principle aesthetic. The intention was to dematerialise the chair and present it in its elemental state. The chair’s strength derives from the action-reaction forces between the folded steel sheets and beech wood frame. The Naked Chair flat packs in transportation, resulting in a low carbon foot-print.


About Outofstock

The design collective was born out of a fortuitous meeting in Stockholm, hence the name Outofstock. Gabriel Tan and Wendy Chua from Singapore, Sebastián Alberdi from Spain and Gustavo Maggio from Argentina met at Electrolux Design Lab 2005. They connected, kept in touch, and after a reunion in 2006, decided to collaborate.


This collaboration grew into an integrated studio offering interior and product design services and they have not looked back since. Luciano Betoldi from Portugal joined the Barcelona office in 2008 to take on business development responsibilities.


As a team comprised of culturally diverse individuals, Outofstock’s creative energy derives from the differences of its people and not from any fixed formulas.


What binds them is the vision of creating designs with a formal coherence that are relevant to the user. Outofstock is a registered business in Singapore with studio locations in Singapore, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.


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  • cpcp

    nice work team

  • … and brillant chair =graphic + construction + green …

  • ugh. so awesome it’s sickening. love that chair and that lamp!!!

  • jens

    The coat rack is awesome, love the wood joint details! Is it available in Germany?

  • Great job guys. Excellent collection!

  • Hey friends from out of stock,

    nice to see your stuff on dezeen!
    was great to meet you on Salone satellite!

    greets from Postfossil

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    chair = uber cool

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    Beautiful stuff as usual from you guys.

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    I love how gentle that light on the wallrackthing is. -u-

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    Indeed, the naked chair is a piece of art in the furniture design. Hope to see more designers showing off their creativity!

  • Indi

    Are you pitching to the flat-packers?

  • Gabriel

    Thanks Daniel, it was great to meet you guys too! Hope to see you again next year… and remember to give Gustavo a buzz when you’re down in Buenos Aires!

  • Matt

    Simply beautiful. Please tell me that the lamp will be available for purchase in Australia. Over a year ago I saw on dezeen a lamp by Studioilse, the wo8 for Wastberg. I have searched many times only to be teased by blog entries, except for DWR who don’t ship to Australia. I had my heart set on that lamp and thought that no other could move me as that one did. Well my friends you broke my heart with this lamp. I now have a new love.

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  • larry seow

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    Wow… every piece is just amazing, and so practical too

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    dear first two objects,
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  • olive

    well done gabriel. was really nice bumping into you in milan. you’ve got a great collective going on… singapore representing x

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    this is really beautiful. i love everything.