Twig Coat Stand by Jamie McLellan



Designer Jamie McLellan has created a coat stand for New Zealand brand Fletcher Systems.


Solid pieces of dowel with decreasing diametres are joined at right angles, forming a branch-like structure.


The stand is made of solid ash with a steel base.


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  • carl


  • garth n.

    however, the base is not quite right for me. i would of preferred the tri-twig base (in sketch) for a unified design.

  • omar

    nice work. its cool to see some working images to, and nice to see more than renders.

  • Prof. Z

    1/ nice to see hand sketches + hand drawing.
    2/ garth n. design is to make choice, i prefer the choice of Jamie McLellan
    for more stability and differenciation as the tri-twig base is used by a lot of young designers (Alonso, Ding 3000 aso)…

  • Great work!

    Inspiring sketches too…

  • dsgngurunyc

    Not going to set the (design ) world alight, but nice none the less.I also would have preferred either of the “twig” bases. These could have retained stability if they were made of a heavy weight metal and the combination could have been interesting.

  • rick kennair

    I would like to know what is the overall height of this twig base, and what is the width at the widest point…Where are these sold at..Thanks..