Church by Beton



Polish designers Beton have sent us some photos of their nearly completed, shingle-clad church in a small village overlooking the Vistula.


The church has just one window and is otherwise made entirely of wood.


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Here's some info from Beton:



A small, wooden church built on a high bank of Vistula River, in a small village of Tarnów, by a private investor (which is quite uncommon in Poland). The church serves as a place of meditation and prayer for the local community. It is constructed entirely of wood, with no windows except for one glass wall, which serves as a background for the altar.


Inside, you can find your peace by looking through the wall at the river and the distant horizon. The steep, wooden roof transforms unnoticeably into the side walls (made of the same material). Everything tries to find its balance between being delicate and really strong.


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  • Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  • onvn

    I love these kinds of projects – archaic and ‘natural’, yet contemporary and innovative. Every bit of it respects its natural materiality, the tectonics of the structure and cladding, the tactility of the finish and the achetypal form fits the function very appropriately. Really interesting with the only window at the altar end – curious as to how we would feel inside the structure, with the light coming in from the window.. can we have interior shots when it’s done?

  • cookies

    It’s too bad there are no interior pictures, maybe they would be good or help to justify/explain the shape. It seems like the interior is the most important part anyway. The exterior looks like a cross between an overturned ship and a coffin (with a cross on top, which actually helps).

    The pictures taken from the side, looking at all of the continuous shingles, give a nice feeling of standing next to a large animal.

  • jed_

    it’s definitely in thrall to zumthor but until we see some more pics/details/interiors it’s not clear how close they have come to the big guy.

  • james

    Beautiful. I’d love some interior shots though.

  • k

    this is nice and simple
    if we had this overhere i would go to church every week
    the woodstructure is fantastic

  • I like it’s peace and neighborless feeling of nice relief.

  • hugo

    it reminds me of the Kärsämäki church in Finland. Same wooden shingles and magnificent interiors.

  • walter w.

    very nice.
    (did beton just do the exterior design? where are the interior photos. architecture, you know, is more than just an empty shell. plan,section, elev.?)

  • Oh my God! Beautiful design

  • g5

    beautiful, but can we please see some pictures of the interior?

  • Salvadore

    the gothc expresion

  • John

    Just simply beautiful and beautifully simple….

    There are some interior photos on the Benton website.

  • Al-Ishaq

    Great skin for insects to reproduce and lay eggs…looks like a horror movie in the woods.

    Don’t feel like White holiness and stuff but feels like “Exorcist 6: Priest in the woods”

  • epi

    such a shame we cant see any internals!

  • Audrys

    Splendid !
    So un-polish (in the best possible way).
    Unfortunately, the absence of interior photoes force a thought, that the interior design is done by a priest…

  • Heath

    Maybe a bit early to say given they haven’t started the interior (though I can’t see them getting it wrong), but I think if more 20th/21st century church designs were this good, there might be a few more people believing in a divine being.

  • faure