Gummo offices by i29



Dutch interior architects i29 have completed an office suite for an advertising agency using used furniture bought from online auction sites and charity shops.


The offices, for Gummo in Amsterdam, will only be used for two years so i29 persuaded the client to go for an affordable and sustainable solution.


The second-hand furniture has all been painted dark grey while all the walls are white.


See the Panta Rhei school interior by i29 in our earlier story.


i29 interior architects creates a new area in fashionable corporate responsibility for Gummo advertising agency.

Here's some text fro i29:


As Gummo were only going to be renting the space on the first floor of the old Parool newspaper building in Amsterdam for two years, i29 convinced Gummo to embrace the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ to create a stylish office space that would impact as little as possible on the environment or their wallets. They developed a theme that reflects Gummo’s personality and design philosophy – simple, uncomplicated, no-nonsense, yet unquestionably stylish with a twist of humour.


Everything in the office conforms to the new house style of white and grey. All the furniture was locally sourced via Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay), charity shops and whatever was left over at the old office. Everything was then spray painted with polyurea Hotspray (an environmentally friendly paint) to conform with the new colour scheme.


Even Jesus wasn’t immune, as you can see in the attached pictures. The new office is a perfect case study of a smart way to fill a temporary space stylishly and at minimal cost. The collection of old and repaired products in it’s new coating has given a new potential and soul to the old furniture.


Gummo is an independent full service advertising agency based in Amsterdam. i29 l interior architects is a creative and versatile design studio whose aim is to create intelligent designs and striking images.

i29 interior architects

Project name: office 03
Client: gummo
Design: i29 interior architects
Contact: Jeroen Dellensen / Jaspar Jansen
addres: industrieweg 29
Postcode: NL-1115 AD
city: Duivendrecht
country: netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20 695 61 20
email for publication:

Project Location
Address: wibautstraat
city: Amsterdam
country: netherlands

Project information
area: 450 m2
walls/ceiling: concrete / panelled ceiling
custom made furniture: synthetic coated mdf
furniture: synthetic coated second hand furniture
constructor: Stefan Klopper
coating: Krimpex Coating systems (hotspray)
completion date: feb 2009
budget: euro 30.000,-
photos: i29 l interior architects

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  • modular

    W I C K E D !

  • Marvelous really what all can be accomplished with color.

  • xyz

    congratulations. Subtle and incredibly dynamic interior….extremely right for an ad agency – epitome of neutral background for their client’s to stand out in. bravo.

  • Peter

    WONDERFUL!!!! What more can I say… Genius… thats what it is!

  • gillesr

    I agree: bravo ! Well done guys!

  • This is genius.

  • Pablo

    very smart!

  • Pierre Sinsua

    Everything black or dark genius?

  • Reusing second hand furnishings, unifying them with color, and creating a stark and bold background for an advertising agency is genius… well at least I think so.

  • chrisR

    excellent and adaptable to anybody’s house or office DIY-style

  • Marchitecture

    we all need more of this sort of intention.
    really nice project.

  • tooma

    this looks really nice, but what it´s gonna look like in few years? are the surfaces easy to clean, will the gather dust? these are things that designers should look into also instead of just creating visual impact with the spaces. You design spaces for use, not to look at!

  • kiki giangoulas

    Very ugly and extremely disciplined, absurd for a working place. You could go crazy by working there only for a month. They will renovate it in less than a year. Nice idea though, if you isolate it in a single object/painted floor, or spread the theme in different spaces. But we have seen such cover-ups for years now; it is the extent here that makes the difference and is the worse thing altogether.