Leggenada Ice Cream and Yogurt
by SO Architecture



Israeli architects SO have completed an ice cream and yogurt parlour in an old carpentry shop in Ramat Ishay.


The shop features two linear elements that rise and fall to form benches and tables to draw customers towards the seating area at the rear.


Graphic design is by FIRMA.


Photographs are by Asaf Oren.


Here's some info from SO Architecture:



In the industrial zone of Ramat Ishay northern Israel, Inside an old abandoned carpentry shop a new branch of the Leggenda ice cream and yogurt was put up.


To design a space with an airy and calm feeling, that the customer desired, in the space we had to work with, was rather difficult.


This difficulty was caused by very low ceiling of only 2.30 m, the very long and narrow proportion of 4.50X18.50 m of the place on the fondation of the building that invaded into the inner space.


The main idea was to create two linear elements that will lead the costumer into the deepest parts of the shop where the cozy sitting places are located. By doing so the visitor passes by the ice-cream and yogurt displays.


One element constructed by Lamy pine wood serves as sitting bar and camouflage for the foundations of the building.


The other linear element, serves as the display for the ice cream and yogurt displays. We used dark colored concrete as paving in order to highlight these two elements.


The entrance steel door and welcome roof were created as a single piece. The large door and facade were slightly submerged into the inner space in order to entice the visitor into the place.


Leggenda Ice Cream and Yogurt
Team: SO Architecture - Shachar Lulav, Oded Rozenkier, Alejandro Fejnerman, Ofrit Eshel
Graphic Design: FIRMA - http://www.brandhouse.co.il/


Location: Ramat Ishay, Israel
Year: 2009
Size: 135mr






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  • Snoopy


    Good work!
    Nice wood transports natural Style in that plastic yogurt-feeling.
    Very strategic planning and goot corporate design.

  • alex

    i love the wood siding and tabletops–they’ll last a long time b/c no one is stomping on them. i like the style of the place and the logo is super cute. everything fits well together. i’d get a frozen yogurt there!

  • probablycrazy

    le corbusier’s dancing modular man…

  • Very Nice! I’m a sucker for industrial finishes, and the concrete and wood used here is beautiful! Awesome details, very well done!

  • Cool!!!
    Good work.

  • roy f

    it is wonderful!!

  • Christie Leong

    Love the seating. But it looks a little too dim even in the daylight.