Reflections by UNStudio at RETREAT



Dutch architects UN Studio have created an installation in an abandoned fort as part of RETREAT, an art exhibition they have curated at Fort Asperen near Leerdam in the Netherlands.


The installation, which is part sculpture, part furniture and part route indicator, is inspired by the concentric floorplan of the fort.


The reflective, faceted details of the sculpture reflect the artwork exhibited around the fort.


The exhibition, curated by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos of UN Studio, features the work of 12 artists and opens to the public on the 28 June at the KuntsFort Asperen in the Netherlands.


The exhibition runs from 28 June to 20 September. Full details on the RETREAT website.

Here's some text from the UN Studio:


Opening RETREAT Exhibition at KunstFort Asperen, curated by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos / UNStudio – 28 June open for public


On June 28th the exhibition RETREAT at KunstFort Asperen will be open to the public. Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos invited 12 artists to exhibit works which provide surprising interpretations on the theme of RETREAT from differing disciplines and perspectives.


Participating artists are: Tobias Rehberger, Frank Havermans, Ann Lislegaard, Pipilotti Rist, Absalon, Andrea Zittel, A.P. Komen/Karen Murphy, COSMIC WONDER, Jerszy Seymour, Lucy Orta, Hans op de Beeck and Sandra Backlund.


The theme shares a close affinity with the work of Van Berkel and Bos, which combines a rich and diverse theoretical position and  to which the artists respond in their own ways with very specific ideas surrounding spatial experience.

UNStudio has designed a spatial installation which reinterprets the organization of the fort and forms the binding element between the exhibited works. The structure winds through the fort like a ribbon, playing with the changing perceptions and experiences of the space, both literally and symbolically. The material and the diamond structure of the installation reflect the exhibited artworks which are installed around the fort.

The RETREAT exhibition is open from 28th June to 20th September, Tuesdays to Sundays (10.00 to 17.00).

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  • lex

    the old space is really nice,
    the ceiling in brick is awesome.
    the installation,doesn’t excite me but its not bad.
    The cable to hang on the installation is disturbing.

  • bibo architect

    Brilliant … really very nice!

  • This is very intriguing and mysterious.

  • Rembo

    can I get a Fuksas?

  • Ricardo

    The building is way more exciting than the installation.

  • damfak

    Too bad you have to look at the renders to understand its a continous form….

  • HHHH

    I wanna see the building without this installation blocking the view….It looks absolutely incredible!

  • Really interesting… Fantastic!

  • Jes

    agree with damfak.
    can’t see the design if i am in the building! the idea doesn’t work because it has been divided into 3 different pieces in each level…

  • m.a

    anyone guess what the “ribbon” is made of?

  • Blark

    Incredible!! Very striking and HHHH, I agree the building looks amazing!