Zipit by Victor Matic



Croatian design student Victor Matic has designed a chair held together with zip ties.


The Zipit chair comes in a kit of wood and cardboard pieces that are joined using cheap plastic ties.


Matic is a student at the Faculty of Design and Art at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen in Italy.


Here's some info from Matic:


zipit is a unique “do it yourself” chair based on a kit of wood modules, cardboard seat and backrest cushions, to be easily built up and disassembled only with zip ties connections.


as the "whats next?" i see the individuality, the seek for personality, the setting of one-self apart as “individual” but still being part of a “community” as a important factor.


in new design outputs i see a seek for personal identification within the things we do, we buy and we want.


designers and firms already acknowledge this tendency and they try to sell emotions, soul and a sustainable “living character”.


a new undefined human personality needs objects that own a variable adjusting and transformable character.


thereby my idea was to develop a “do it yourself” kit, for a unique and low-cost chair whose connections are fixed with adjustable zip-ties.


because of these uneasy connections, my chair tends to be loose and wobbly, but it was also part of my “whats next” idea – a new way of sitting. zipit is conceived as a “low-cost” modul based “do it yourself chair” therefore the production costs are/could be very low.


based on my concept for the market the different modules and zip ties could be in different materials and different colours to underline even more the individuality of the chair and its customer.


the customer could be a typical student as well as a single household or a family and their kids/teenagers.


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  • A designer?

    nice aesthetics and nice simple idea behind the piece.
    would like to see development into other pieces of furniture using the same idea!!

  • jh

    ‘..joined using cheap plastic ties’
    well screws are really too expensive these days

  • I don’t understand why one should not just use screws for this type of chair?

    The typology is derived from traditional joinery – screws or similar. I feel a better typology would emerge by starting with the zip ties as the driving factor in the design – rather than introducing (inadequate) fasteners for already solved typologies… Bottom up, not top down avoids novelty for its own sake.

  • nolok

    this will not hold for a long time.

  • modular

    screws are cheaper than plastic ties.
    screws are more robust.
    screws last longer.
    screws are better.

    so… why this? Just to be “different”?

    Design is dead.

  • Greg

    Not the first person to try this.

  • KB

    seems structurely unsound.

  • slater

    ok, I think the screw comments are quite funny and valid, but if you remove and re-insert hardware such as a screw too many times, it will eventually strip the hole…in which case you use a bolt and a nut. So, the zip-ties are still not as effective, or re-useable, as traditional hardware.

  • jeff w
  • Dragan

    this is the example how some idea that have simplicity as goal become complicated at the end.
    anyhow there is a potencial in it and it need`s some development and improvement (just like my english).
    when u test the chair,the durability is not measured by pressure in the pushing direction like standing but something more like rocking…so just guess what will happen with this chair.
    also I can`t see variable adjusting?

  • dsgngurunyc

    Dear me! It’s all been said above… there is no point to replacing a fastening device by a new less effective one. The chair itself is not beautiful. Please can some young (I’m assuming) designers try and design things that have some point to the design or something that is beautiful. All to often new designers think that gaining press is their vehicle to succeeding, unfortunately this time (especially with global recession) is over and it is time to applaud true design again. Bad design cannot be excused because it has a concept alone.

  • jed_

    hey, this guy is a student. it’s good to try these things to develop a process and work towards different forms. it’s hardly his fault that someone deemed it worthy of posting here but it is a good student project and a very nice looking chair.

    good work.

  • I show this to my wife … she wants now to become a designer… may be a
    me too designer with zip ties….to kill me?
    pS : sorry for those who translate me with google translate in Brazil or in Malaisia…

  • it’s a nice design, very simple one to make it any where …..

  • Designer del cazzo

    This is just crap and this is not a designer. C’mon guys.