Ultra Lead by Georges Moanack



Royal College of Art graduate Georges Moanack has designed Ultra Lead - an electrical management system that allows electrical devices from around the world to be used without changing their power plugs.


Each module can be bought separately and comes British, European, American and USB standards.


The project was developed in collaboration with BASF.


The Royal College of Art show two runs until 5 July (closed 3 July).


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Here's a bit of text from Moanack:


Ultra Lead is a modular extension lead that offers a new way of managing electrical connections in a flexible, open and global way. Each module can be bought separately and amongst the types of connections you can get are Uk, EU, USA, USB among others. Once you link them together, they will work as a one unit.

Posted on Friday July 3rd 2009 at 8:54 am by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • G

    So basically, it is an adapter. Very nice looking adapter though!

  • L

    What’s wrong by designing adapters? Product design is everything and among other things is about reinventing existing products and refining them in the purpose of a more user friendly functions.

    i have seen the show in RCA and i have to say left me uninterested this year…. but the above object was the one that made me stood still for a while and investigate it,

  • So I thought Ron Arad would challenge the students of this fine institution to (and I quote) “take a risk”. Lets face it, it is a posh adapter which would probably cost three times as much as if u bought one for each place you visited at the airport. In general i think all this super experimental stuff is getting tired, I want to be able to understand it immediately, I dont want to have to stand there for 5 mins reading the small print, this is one of the exceptions yes, but is it “good”?

  • G

    Nothing wrong with designing adapters at all, L. In fact more people should be designing every day stuff, and I really like these. My ever so slightly ironic comment was more to with the fact they call it “electrical management system” when in fact it is an adapter…..

  • L

    i will agree with Jamalam about the small print….either make it easy understandable, 'i see it and i get it straight away' or just explain it, not in a small print, but a proper text next to the object. i am a designer myself and i had to stand in front of it, observe it and then realize what the designer needed to say. What about someone that has nothing to do with design?

    is it good? Well really don't know until things such this will get into the users arena and get tested. undoubtedly people travel a lot more than they used to…. lets make our assumptions

    as for the directors of the particular school, i think the transition from Ron Arad to Tord Boontje might have affected in a way the students and the teaching, i say maybe????

    As for how they call it G, maybe it would be easier to call it adapter but then whoever have attended a design school is well aware of the pressure we get for the poetics of an object. Whether good or bad, is something that we've been brainwashed to do.

  • Took me quite a while to work out that it is "just" an adapter too. Nice to see some design being applied to this product area though.

  • M

    The fold up plug last week was a million times better.

  • tanya telford – T

    i think this looks like quite a good, slightly playful, better, more organised etc version of some adapters already on the market, which in my experience have not always proved that that they are built to last etc (could just be me). I’m trying to figure out from the photos if this option would be more light weight to travel with, can’t really tell.
    Or, is it that this system has been designed to enable more convenient use of products from all around the world, together? If that’s more of the point I think it looks and sounds like a good, convenient system.

  • Partick Bateman

    does the job it is supposed to and looks good.

    do we need much more than that from design?

  • MAX

    at least we can use it!

  • Rather clunky in a nice way .. :-)

  • Prof Z, genius D

    i imagine a connection to dvp EU design solutions between Eindhoven+RCA+Ecal+ENSCI +Milano Poly and Domus

  • David

    My one concern is that the European socket outlet in this design could not be remotely compliant with European standards. It would have to be recessed to be grounded, which would look a bit ugly but for the product to actually work it would need to be.

    Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schuko for more info.