Past Memories by Valentin Loellmann


German designer Valentin Loellmann has created a collection of furniture assembled from discarded objects and coated in polyester.

Called Past Memories, the range includes a chair, table, chest of drawers and bench.


Loellmann, a recent graduate, completed the project while studying at the Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht in the Netherlands.


"Grown together out of old, forgotten furniture this collection was guided by their forms and memories to something new that keeps its character and uniqueness and hides it at the same time," says Loellmann. "Completed with new padding and surface the assemblages become their new lives."

Here's some text from Loellmann:


Every day I am busy collecting this is a way of constantly redefining myself and my sense of what is interesting and beautiful. For me collecting is learning to see, to trust my senses and feelings, and to discover who I am and what I love, as I work my way meaningfully through the forms and objects around me. I am searching for the underplayed and modest, the kind of quiet, undeclared beauty and detail that waits patiently to be discovered and explored.

I think that too many concepts and beliefs can make our world smaller. Our minds tend to block out things that do not fit our belief systems. I want to reverse the process of adopting rigid beliefs and reopen my mind to new possibilities, to be able to rediscover my childhood appetite for wonder and curiosity.

For me, though, the challenge lies in remembering to look differently at the things in front of me and around me. I want to be guided by these forms and put them together to something new that keep its character and uniqueness and hide it at the same time. This way I can create communicative objects, that stimulate ones imagination, dreams, and intuition, and allow you to escape everyday life.

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  • Dave

    Great concept and execution. There’s a mysterious life to them. I’m not sure how these would be integrated in anyone’s home though; unless you were Beetlejuice, Alice in Wonderland, or in the Nightmare before Christmas.

  • Dave

    P.S. I’m sure Tim Burton owns all of these.

  • Well, he’s green! You have to give him that! lol….

  • I’m not sure what I like more, the pieces or the way they were photographed. Both very beautiful and somewhat unreal, dream-like.

  • chrisR

    no one yet has mentioned Tejo Remy or Jaime Hayon? Some major similarities that erode the originality of these pieces….

    I especially like the settee!

  • b

    There are similarities to already existing furniture.. still these ones are kinda seducing and uncanny and at the same time very lovely and calm which creates an interesting ambiguity.