Maison Du Champagne by John Lin, Joshua Bolchover and Jason Carlow

Hong Kong designers John Lin, Joshua Bolchover and Jason Carlow have designed the interior of a champagne bar in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Called Maison Du Champagne, the interior is furnished with raw MDF boxes, illuminated from Maison Du Champagne, the interior is furnished with raw MDF boxes, illuminated from inside.

Each block is punctured by circular holes, increasing in diametre towards their tops and revealing interiors coated in high-gloss, bright colours.


The inside of each box is colour-coded according to the area of the bar and its use.


Here's some more information from the designers:


Press Release: Champagne Bar, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tucked away in Hong Kong’s infamous Wanchai neighbourhood is a newly completed bar design by upcoming designers John Lin, Joshua Bolchover and Jason Carlow.


Located on the third floor of a densely packed neon-lit street, the bar has a very different atmosphere to its surround.


As a response to the client’s request for numerous different functional spaces, the main area was divided into programmatic zones and organised through a landscape of built-in furniture pieces to create a bar, a lounge, a dining area, a stage, a dance floor and a viewing platform.


Each is designed to allow for different types of social interaction; for pairs, small groups or larger parties, through low benches, platforms and raised areas.


Each of these elements was CNC fabricated in China and assembled on site.


The perforations in the surface increase in size from small holes at ground level to larger openings at eye-level to create varying degrees of transparency and visual connections between different zones.


Each zone has its own colour that is emitted from reflected light on the interior of each furniture block.


The intention is to reverse standard bar decoration: we chose to expose raw MDF on the outside of each block and paint the inside with high gloss colour.


The transparency gradient made by the perforations of each block allows for different viewing and spatial experiences as one moves through the space.


Along the edge of the bar a wall, clad in customized wallpaper designed by artist Camilla Holmgren, leads you to the more private VIP rooms beyond.


The wallpaper, based on a hand drawn pattern, forms a wrapper that is graduated from white to black and then black to white, an optical gradient that complements the spatial gradient of the perforations.


Project Name: Maison Du Champagne
Address: 313 Jaffe Rd. 3rd Floor, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Designers: John Lin, Joshua Bolchover, Jason Carlow
Artist: Camilla Holmgren