Mission Bicycle Store by Grayscaled Design



San Francisco design collective Grayscaled have designed the interior of a store in San Francisco, California, that sells custom, fixed-gear bicycles.


Called Mission Bicycle store, the project involved giving physical presence to a brand previously only available online.


The designers have tried to correlate the design of the interior with the digital design of the Mission Bicycle website through the use of text, layout resembling step-by-step assembly and computer interfaces.


Bicycle parts are laid out on light boxes in a manner intended to evoke exploded diagrams, inviting customers to choose the components of their bicycle, which is assembled within the store.


Grayscaled collaborated with Adaptive Path on signage, graphics and bike-part layout.

The information below is from Grayscaled Design:


San Francisco based design collective, Grayscaled, recently completed the flagship store for online company Mission Bicycle, based in San Francisco, California.


The former mortuary and Mexican restaurant, was refurbished for the sale of custom fixed gear bicycles.


Gurney sized light tables display bicycle parts as an exploded diagram, dissecting the bicycle into components to be selected by the customer.


Bicycles suspended and offset above the tables convey the dynamic experience of riding a bicycle through space. An open assembly work area, allows the customers to watch their bicycles being built, and learn about the process and upkeep.


The store design is closely linked to the digital space of www.missionbicycle.com, through the use of text, a bicycle building narrative, and the integration of a computer interface onto the sales floor.


Grayscaled is a three woman design collective of M.Arch students at California College of the Arts. Sarah Hobstetter, Elizabeth Rose Jackson and Jessica Stuenkel.

Architects: Grayscaled
Project title: Mission Bicycle store
Location: 766 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  • Nick the Greek

    Are there any shops like this in the UK?

  • TTT

    Brick Lane Bikes in London is the place to go if you’re into fixed wheel bike porn. No, but seriously it’s an amazing store and workshop they have there and definitely worth a visit.

  • Clean, functional, and simple. I like it.

  • tanya telford – T

    in my experience (as yet) no, was in a local, similar (ish) sports shop the other day (bikes, skate boards etc) was really excited because they had a range of different coloured interchangable tires – found out they were only for BMX’s (childrens size).

  • Mattia

    This is a block from my house. Great addition to the neighborhood, and the glowing front window makes for an attention-getting, clean design (as long as vandals haven’t smashed it as the did within the first week of it opening).

  • BC

    “Former mortuary and Mexican restaurant”?! Wonder why that business didn’t last…

  • YJH

    guys, this is E N O R M O U S
    congratulations, we are so very impressed_everything is just right

  • Wadi

    Very nice (work-)shop!
    oioioi, San Francisco and fixies. Good luck on the hills then!

  • 3T

    Hi Nick the Greek,

    Brick Lane bikes has a nice selection of frames but there workshop and standard of service is diabolical. They have a real attitude problem in there.

    For a nice bike shop in London I would recommend Tour de Ville on Lamb Lane in Hackney/London Fields. Not really the ‘fixie’ (blughh) thing but beautiful bikes and great guys who really know there stuff.

    By the way, I heard a rumour that some of the hip fixter dudes in San Francisco don’t like Mission bikes very much and smashed the windows with bricks (??)

  • Nice,

    in Paris we have the a shop like that, but not so beautiful, more underground…

    –> http://cyclope.over-blog.com/

  • Toby

    London. I agree with 3T but would also recommend 14 bike company just off Brick Lane in the Truman Brewery for a similar experience to the shop shown above. Very clean layout and mostly custom ‘fixies’. http://14bikeco.wordpress.com/

  • eduardo alvares

    Really charming!
    Just adorable, we need one like that in Rio.

  • My hat off to you guys! What a beautiful shop you guys have! Congrats from Brazil.

  • Pista Fixed Gear

    I have a shop like this in Newport Beach California, 353 old. Newport Rd.
    WE pretty much have the same design but more lay back atmosphere. Come check us out.