Afterparty by MOS at P.S.1



A pavilion consisting of thatched, conical towers designed by MOS architects has opened outside the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in New York.


Called Afterparty, the design was the winning entry to the MoMA/P.S.1  Young Architects Program 2009 competition (see our previous story).


The pavilion is covered in thatched palm-fibre from Indonesia and will be used as a venue for events over the summer.


The brief required that the pavilion have bar areas, provide shade and seating, and incorporate water.


Cooling air is drawn across concrete troughs of water and upwards through the chimney-like structures, which also provide shade for visitors.


Photographs are by Florian Holzherr.


Previous MoMA/P.S.1  Young Architects Program competition winners:

Public Farm One by Work Architecture Company (2008)
Liquid Sky by Ball-Nogues (2007)


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Update 29/07/2009: The architects have requested that we change the images for this new set and have also provided images of the models.











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  • i2h

    this installation single-handedly brought the majestic sasquatch to the brink of extinction.

  • marcia oliveira

    Definitively not my type… why choose that color to protect from sun? and the skin it’s not the most beautiful thing to lock at!

  • h

    makes me itch just looking at it.

  • jay

    the contemporary bearskin rug

  • davvid

    This project is amazing. The contrast on materials is lovely. I like everything about it.

  • Cody

    Its not a matter of choosing a color – the idea was to use thatch as a surface material. That is what thatch looks like. I think it is a very smart use of natural / affordable material.

  • Rembo

    Rembo thinks you cannot judge this piece. It escapes criticism and simply is.

  • michael

    i love it!
    a little mystical!

  • tricky p

    gross on every level. sesame street nightmare.

  • James

    ewwwwww i tend to like the work from mos… but this is a little dry

  • olly

    excellent! how refreshing to see a rugged hairy monster, not a polished CNC-gridshell-lattice-blob. the AA could learn something…

  • Scarpasez

    Hairy Gauidan pendentives with their heads cut off. Ay carumba!

  • Cool pavilion, ugly covering. I don’t understand how a design that incorporates a sustainable feature like great passive ventilation and shading, is then covered with palm thatch from the other side of the world (wasting fuel and resources in its transport)… what a waste.

  • I really like it, even if they didn’t answer me when I asked to work with them…arghhh!

  • gaque

    this project isn’t so clear to me. i also find MOS’s work quite exciting, but this is an exception. the text about passive ventilation, etc. is all baloney.

    so let’s look at what it actually is….i think the photos from inside are more revealing of how the space is like…an aggregation of variably high, open rooms. the bird’s eye photos are awful.

    the form and the material are not integrated. i understand the deformed “hut” appearance, but the precision of the cones does not match the thatch at all. and did they really have to get it from indonesia? the construction photographs of just the subsurface net was far more interesting. it seems the materiality was lacking, so they slapped on this hairy crap, in hope it would be more tactile..and it is tactile, but also incoherent.

  • One

    America hit by MVRDV!

  • Vincent

    need a hair cut and a good shave!

  • Paul, Yorkshire

    I liked it until i saw the link to the proposed images…

    I dont think the project has been properly realised

  • Lady C

    It’s like something straight outta the pages of Where the Wild Things Are! I like the fantasy/ B-movie element to it and anyway it’s temporary for god’s sake so quit moaning and don’t always take architecture so seriously.

  • Geland

    Wow, this poorly executed design pretty much proves that this competition has become increasingly irrelevant in the past few years. No one should be proud of this beast, ps1 should be embarrased.

  • Velma

    Flinstones, Meet the Flistines, they’re the modern stone-age family…..

  • madvillan

    there is no interaction with the fur?! half the fun of fur is touching it.

  • Timothy K.

    It’s totally awesome. Unlike anything I’ve seen before. I agree with Lady C definitely where the wild things are….

  • Wolly Mammoth

    My family wants their skin back.

  • t. wright

    The eighth picture look like the backside of a pterosaur sunning it’s wings!