Tube Chair by Plant&Moss



New Designers 09: British designers Plant&Moss exhibited a chair that comes packaged within a standard-sized poster tube at New Designers in London this month.


The packaging allows the chair to be more easily transported by hand or delivered in the post.


The frame is constructed from beech with plywood slats and is assembled with coach bolts and screws.

Plant&Moss was founded by two graduates from Bucks New University, James Moss and James Plant.


The pair exhibited the project as part of  One Year On - a satellite event featuring work by designers who graduated or launched their business within the previous year.


This year's One Year On was curated by Thorsten Van Elten.

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Here's some info from Plant&Moss:


Tube Chair

Tube Chair fits into a standard sized poster tube. In doing this it makes the chair a lot easier to carry and transport than a conventional chair.


It enables the purchaser to pop the chair under their arm rather than having to worry about getting it delivered; it may also be delivered by post with more ease.


The chairs frame is from standard sized beech and the slats from plywood, the chair is assembled using coach bolts and screws. The chair provides a feeling of achievement, once assembled, similar to that of having completed a Lego model. The slats of the chair are available in a range of colours.

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  • today

    The form is simple but
    surprised that it’s come from 1 tube

  • berts bobje

    Way too close to Michael Marriott’s XL-1 kit ( for my liking. That was 1992 and still very nice.

    New generation, please move on!

  • Nigel

    Looks like a glossy version of Michael Marriott’s XL1 kit chair

  • Andy

    haha! you can rely on dezeen contributers for their kind words!!

    I find nigels comment very close to berts but that didn’t stop ya ;-)

    I’d be pretty stoked if that came through my letterbox instead I just get phone bills.

  • looks very simple and cool … like it!

  • EJ

    But is it comfortable?

  • tiffany

    The DIY version of the chair Mr. Jasper Morrison designed for chair for la tourette monastery in France 1998.

  • Funke

    a really cute chair that packs into a tube…I call that innovation!