Object of Sound by NOCC

Paris based design studio NOCC have produced a range of objects whose forms are generated according to the shape of sound waves recorded when their names are pronounced.


The collection, named Object of Sound, includes a candle holder, lampshade, and vase.


The profile of the soundwave recorded for each product is rotated into a 3D form, unique to the tone and volume of voice recorded.


This form is then made using rapid-manufacturing, meaning that each product could be unique and dictated by the voice of it's owner.


Watch a movie about the project here.

Here is some more text from NOCC:



Paris-based studio NOCC's Object of Sound is a collection of objects consisting of a candle holder, a lampshade, and a vase.  Each item takes its form from the graphic produced by a person's voice pronouncing the name of the object.


The profile of the sound is shaped into a 3D form and becomes an object. By giving volume to the sound wave, the form becomes a piece that is used according to the word pronounced.  A candle holder profile becomes a candle holder, a vase profile becomes a vase and a light profile becomes a light.


Provided are examples of objects created from NOCC's voices, but the underlying concept of Object of Sound is that each unique voice creates a unique and personal shape.


Object of Sound pieces are produced using rapid manufacturing technology. Thanks to this technology, every object can be produced individually.  NOCC's Object of Sound will be available at a forthcoming on-line store, Self-Studio.com

Dimensions :

Candleholder: 275 x 92 mm
Vase: 154 x 228 mm
Light: 320  x 250 mm

Technology and Material :

Candleholder: SLS polyamide with black soft touch finish
Vase: SLS polyamide
Light: SLS polyamide