Extensions 03 by Aïssa Logerot



Paris designer Aïssa Logerot has designed a collection of furniture comprising interchangeable components lashed together with string.


The range includes a table, lamp and shelving that can be assembled and dismantled without nails, glue or screws.


Parts from each piece can be combined as required.


Photographs are by Véronique Huyghe.

Here is some text from the designer:


This project questions contemporary furniture design, from the concept of multipurpose use and uncertain quality (due to rationalized industrial production), to the ambition or desire for durability.


Products are envisaged in a non-fixed state, to be extended or lengthened, according to uses which vary and evolve over time.


The furniture range is design in a way to be assembly without nail, screws or glue.


You just need a natural cotton string for the assembly of the different elements.


First step is to mount the wood part, simplify by different colored landmarks (inside the wood assembly).


After, you only need to lock the position with the cotton string, in a simple way.


If you have an Extensions kit table, you can adapted the position of your furniture when you want, by changing some elements. For example, it is possible to lenghten the table with adding other pieces of wood, or to change its height by taking off the base of the feet, to have a low table, or a bench. As you want.


Starting with assembly and a concern for eco-design, I rethought the idea of furniture in kit form, taking into account packaging, transportation, storage, mounting and dismantling by the user.


This lamp has a few possibilities: it could be used as a floor lamp, or be fixed on other extensions furnitures to have different lighting.


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  • modular

    I dig the bookshelf. The rest is not so good….

  • A bookshelf that is easily dismantled by playful cats. Love the relationships, great work guys. This beats flatpack, slotted furniture any day of the week.

  • j

    I really like this idea a lot. It can shipping flat, easy assembly, no tools require. Great job.

  • Great concept with fantastic woodwork. Like it!

  • Junio

    The handle for fixing the rope is too much waste of the beech.
    The prop and the handle should not consist of one material.
    I think this makes non eco-design…

    But Aesthetically I like

  • plankton

    Very Nice!!!!! love the concept, but also the result. Well done.

  • Wadi

    Nice version, but nothing new:

  • gab xiao


    I notice we’re watching a serious Renaissance in design in the last months…

  • toodles

    this is way way way overdetailed. There is so much going on here in terms of cutouts and routing. Its just a clutter. This is not very logical or thought provoking or practical.


  • slater

    beautiful work and a great way to provide mobile and easilly built pieces. I especially like how parts from each peice are used in the others. I think this makes a lot of sence if this is ever manufactured on a large scale.

    Knock down furniture has a tendancy to be wobly and quite hard to design just right. I wonder how stable over time these will be. I am just concerned about the cord stretching a bit and having to tighten up the lashings.

    Overall, I love this idea and aesthetic, bravo!

  • Mrs. Blindfold

    Nice concept, to use the string as constructive element. However, the design language seems very familiar from existing projects, especially the light which could be assembled from lamps of these two projects that were on dezeen some longer time ago.

  • Brian


    Nice concept, I like it.

    However… Cotton stretches, joints get loose, furniture falls down.

    This is the reality of Design.

    It seems to me that this project relates t the idea of transient living.
    Working from job to job, moving from apartment to apartment, having little or no books or material items to need furniture.

  • marie

    Have a look on that…. it’s the same kind of assembly for the feet