Blu Apple by Budi Pradono architects



Indonesian architects Budi Pradono architects have designed the interior of a frozen-yoghurt shop in Jakarta, Indonesia, based on melting ice floes.


White, back-lit slabs are suspended from the ceiling of the space, which is composed of a bar, seating area and storage facility.


The shop is due to open next month.

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Here's some text from the architects:


Blu Apple

Frozen Yoghurt café, Jakarta


Designed by Budi Pradono is to be opened to the public by 1st week of August 2009.


The interior for this café selling Frozen Yoghurt and pancake is like ice floes that fly in the air, some have to melt and fall since the world is getting hotter and hotter, all furniture are made completely white and arranged informally.


There are 30 types of Indonesian typical fruits that are presented as toppings on frozen Yoghurt and hot pancake.


Project data:
Name: Blu Apple Frozen Yoghurt café
Size: 130 m2
Location: Plaza Semanggi Mall, Jl Jend Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia
Design stage: May – June 2009


Construction stage: June – July 2009
Architect: Budi Pradono architects
Project architect: Budi Pradono
Assistant project architects: Yuli Sri Hartanto, Rina Nur Aisah.
Design supervisors: Budi Pradono, Yuli Sri Hartanto, Rina Nur Aisah, Ian Flood.
Graphic Designer: Ahmett Salina.


Contractor: PT. KANG, Rukamto Laksana.
Project manager: Yohanes Sembiring.
Site supervisor: Indra Sukmana.
Workshop supervisor: Sukandar.
Signage specialist: Rhino advertising, Aming.
Sofa specialist: PT. KANG.


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  • FERRAN10


  • modular

    too much information. makes me dizzy

  • mr t.

    good god…the concept driver for this design is based on “melting ice floes”…what an ironic way to highlight our current environmental blight. Overuse of materials and manufacturing processes to build out a concept that they are fully contributing to.

  • rach

    no sharp edges

  • Ajay

    Wow. I love the forms used in this project…very cool indeed, definately a unique place to eat your yoghurt…..

  • h

    way too many things going on here. urgh.

  • n_and_o

    attractive.. make people wondering how delicious the yoghurt is… yummy

  • anton

    love the melting down concept..cheers….
    ready to go that place… (=

  • cody

    mr t., Im going to guess you don’t like curvy or smooth things.

  • A cave of Ice for a frozen yogurt cafe,, Nice ambience!

  • rin

    cant wait to eat yoghurt at blu apple.
    Cool design.

  • Clark

    That must be some seriously expensive Frozen Yogurt.

  • gaque

    i agree with mr. t. furthermore i must ask, when will we get over the cellular structure ornament, applied with a bit of subdivision smoothing, and do something really integral and useful?

  • fitri

    The Design is amazing….I like the ice melting concept..No sharp edges and organic form concept…so dynamic!!!

  • mr t.

    Cody, I don’t understand your comment.

    Why would you suggest that I don’t like curvy or smooth things?

    That would be making the incorrect assumption that I would be judging the merit of this project strictly on the form. I suggest you read what I said and maybe think about it….The irony of this project was just too much not to point it out.

    a wasteful project contributing to the concept that it is based on it’s just so superficial.

  • ronici

    nice concept, and how you to realize it.

    I know budipradono with the ideology of “glocal” which is focus in locality, and naturality in architectural concept,
    not just form, shape, and sculp,,

    in this project the form is different, look a bit organic, and the design seems to be mainstream, than “glocal” taste…,

    Where is your sense bout materialism, and locality? Is it already gone somewhere?
    or you just follow the mainstream “organic” style, afraid to be call ancient,or just wanna be called up to date

    There’s somebody tell me, where is the glocal goes on…?,,

  • vebri

    Architecture + global warming issue = cool design

  • husna

    woooow….it’s from indonesia….my country…..I LOVE INDONESIA
    it’s very fantastic design, very amazing work ^o^

  • irwanpermono

    melting pot….white as yogurt
    i see the blue….so stunning i love it
    but i don’t like the lighting arrangement
    not dramatic yet….please enhance the effect…of light
    LDP (light distribution panel) ex. Korea is much better…..than visible straight neon tube…just input…
    great & excelent design mr.pradono!

  • roman kralya

    It reminds me one of the Antoni Gaudi`s project.

  • Maria

    its simple, catchy, sophisticate…

  • anton

    no offense….
    glocal didn’t mean it should be used for the local material…
    it can be transform into the concept…(i think)
    maybe just simple concept then how it can connected with a global condition…

  • Saldi

    Well made.. Everything is hand made I assumed.. Fabb..

  • ricky

    wow……an awesome interior design…..
    have a good looking and also a good feeling if i looks at the design…..
    mr.pradono…you are an awesome architect…

  • Nice…
    keep it up!
    maju terus arsitek indonesa :D

  • av

    A very refreshing design! can’t believe it’s actually in Indonesia!

  • dinho

    just visit yesterday…
    dont like much about ambience…dont know….just too cold and empty maybe…IMHO

  • Renita

    wonderful design..and unique

  • agent p

    first impression it looks abit more ‘toyo-ito’ish

  • gembul

    i don’t see the indonesian character,,,is it gone already?,,,

  • New Year 2010 critics:

    Great minded design ideas of BPA.
    The design form relate with the yogurt characteristics.

    But it will be nicelly done if all the form integrated into one fluid form…it will be fantastic architecture expression…


  • marc

    agree with mr.t
    –> the concept is indeed ironic… unless he used recyclable material. (but i doubt it)

    agree with gembul
    –> yes, this kind of design is something like a ‘trend’ and sadly all the trends seems to lost their indonesian identity.

  • haha buldum restorantımın tavanını :)