Valet by Ett la Benn



Berlin-based designers Ett la Benn have created a clothes stand that unfolds into a pole when not in use.


A twisting hinge articulates the components of the oak product, which is made in two different lengths and five colours.


Photos are by Yves Sucksdorff.


More about Ett la Benn:
Escritoire Trestle


Here's some text from the designers:


Valet Stand ‘valet’

Nothing more than an elaborated hinge turns a seemingly simple pole into this elaborated piece of furniture. If ‘valet’ does not serve, it stands mute and straight in the corner. Through its minimalistic form, it achieves the status of an object. The valet stand is made of oak wood and is available in the colours oxal-white, ferrum-grey, oxid-blue, beta-red and ammon-grey.

Material: massive oak wood
Measurements wdh: 3,8 x 3,8 x 200 cm; wdh: 50 x 50 x 95 cm


Posted on Friday July 31st 2009 at 12:41 pm by Zaynab D. Ziari. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • pn

    cool, but what if you have more than one shirt?

  • famul
  • This I like a lot!

  • ambroise


  • omar

    Its a stretch to critisize this as to close to that hetherwick number..
    this is useless.. its not particularly beautiful and certainly a lot of trouble to keep one shirt off the floor. but at least its not a rendering!!

  • Finlay

    surely it falls over constantly?

  • B

    I think by the time this clothes stand is put together (from pole to z-shap) I think i could have opend the closet door about 6 times and would have neatly stored my shirt, my pants and my shoes…
    makes the product a bit vainly modern no?


  • T

    @pn: just hang over more t-shirts
    @famul: i think you did not understand the project at all
    @B: transforming lasts you aprox. 4 sec.

  • W.

    its not strong enough to stand on its own? hmm.. funny idea but not usefull

  • Volantt

    ? ? ? broomstick for all!

  • marc

    cool stuff, where can i buy?
    can you tell me how it is working? will it fix itself?
    is it a turn mechanism or do you have to stick it in?
    thanks marc

  • vico

    why not as a heating towel hander… but i dont see much interest in it

  • Very nice this sistem, but i would like to try this as a weapon … one guy this side “PAM”…another in other side “CATAPLUN”… OWWW two guys behind “PLAN!! ZAMMM!!! PLOFT!!! ….end game is over….. YES sansey!!!

  • Patrick

    @ famul: not the same concept!

  • rik

    Design pour design. Pure quasi-postmodern kitsch.

  • question

    why is a pole desirable?

  • andrew

    i wish they hadn’t used ‘elaborated hinge turns it into an elaborated piece of furniture”. it looks like a bent stick to me, not quite the designed object they imply it to be…

  • Nicholas

    Rubik,s stick

  • Bagelwithcreamcheeseplease

    the back of a chair does the same job. i can also sit on a chair while it holds my clothes. pointless.

  • … this shouldn’t be a clothes stand but a light!

  • I love it, I would like you to take on our website if, you would like to have a group show with us, contact Melinda