Burden Chair by Apirak Leenharattanarak



Graduate designer Apirak Leenharattanarak has created a chair with spaces for storage in the backrest and seat.


The chair is made of birch plywood, assembled using biscuit joints.


Leenharattanarak designed the chair while studying at Central Saint Martins college of art and design in London.


Here's some text from Leenharattanarak:


An exploration of patterns of use and storage and how their boundaries might define furniture is at the heart of this furniture.

Technology impacts increasingly on our use of personal spaces, bringing its own detritus to our increasing confined urban spaces. The result; furniture with a personalised and idiosyncratic idiom.

Burden Chair & Burden Chair 1: Highlighting the weight we carry in everyday life by integrated symbolic storage exposing the number and identity of our possessions.

Burden Chair: 15mm. birch plywood with biscuit jointing.

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  • Seriously? Um, no.

    For starters, I don’t see the appeal of getting my bum wedged in the missing chunk of the seat, for one thing. And it’s all just too polemical for my taste. And even if it’s not meant to be a functional object, I find the form pretty graceless.

    No go.

  • Joe

    This is lovely work of young designer. Just playing with shapes and expression. How impressive. Also it’s quite humorous. But I’m not sure about the storage. There are many things that would fall down because of the angle there.

  • mr h

    ‘Seriously? Um, no.’
    You either clearly didn’t bother to read the description, or do not understand the meaning of the word idiosyncratic. It’s a bit annoying how there are more negative comments on dezeen posts than positive.
    I saw this at a show a couple of weeks ago I think, I like the idiosycrasy and it’s well made too.

  • victor v.

    intriguing form

  • tony

    this is about nice thing about student works i guess… very experimental, and interesting idea. I don’t really care if it ‘s unfunctional. It has no point to design another beautiful comfortable chair if we already have quite many.

  • jzi

    i want to see it as architecture, it will do good in that phase… is it comfortable to sit on? I’m just going to love it.

  • Cat

    Why, why, why would you post pictures of a chair deisgned to have places for storage and not show it storing anything???

  • MKM

    Nics idea for a form. But not for use! Many apparel fabric types would be mercilessly snagged on mid-back edges. Ouch.

  • Zuzz

    If the lower part of the seat can be removed it can be used for a “HYGENIC” purpose!

  • Ross

    Ugh. This is a graduate? Work out the angles for pete’s sake. The storage part should be level with the ground plane. The seat holes are poorly placed, and leaning back would be painful. But there is some nucleus of an idea there, they should never have implemented at that phase though – that should have existed only on the sketch pad, and the next version, removing the sloped shelf-boxes, filling the seat/back holes with thick plexiglass or glass, putting a contour on the seat – that would have been 100x better.

  • lior brosh

    nice at the front but with the rest of the elevations it looks like it has a tumor!