Moscow United electricity control centre
by Arch-group and ABTB



Russian architects Arch-group and ABTB have completed the interior of Moscow's electricity control room.


Designed for Moscow United electricity network company, the control room houses a podium with six workstations that face a wall of screens displaying information about the city's electricity network.


Here's some more information from Arch-group:


This is project of the reconstruction of the network control centre of electricity- distribution company MOESK. The main space is the control room.


There in a space of 320 m2 the we placed a two-level podium made of corian with workstations for six controllers and a wall of video screens. The wall consists of 36 Barco video cubes showing info on the condition of the electricity network.


Other space is decorated laconically. Such decision and dark floor have underlined the dynamical form of a snow-white podium. The wall finish is perforated BILDEX. The luminescent lamps hidden behind the translucent ceiling - light up the space. Powerful projectors are turned to the workstations.


Krymov M. D., Gorjainov A.V., Bashkaev T.I
Location: Moscow, Russia
The customer: "Moscow United electricity network company"
Total area: 1500 м2
Designing: 2008
Building: 2008-2009







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  • G

    Wow, presumably the blind around the perimeter will rise and reveal Dr Evil or and Mini-Me sitting up there, plotting to take over the world.

  • Rob

    two words “starship enterprise”

  • hair piece

    these are renderings…where are photos?

  • gab xiao

    nice little project with a constructivist tang. details are beautifully presented as well

  • stan

    Nice pedestal. Looks like a movie set rather than a functioning office. All that space for 6 people and some screens?

    Apparently “cord management” doesn’t translate. Look at the last photo before the plans. Unfortunate with all the time spent on making the dramatic open workstations.

  • mahrous

    I cant see shit from these drawings ,why u always post bad res. drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah, cable nightmare. Also, if you are disabled, you don’t have any place working for United Electric in Moscow…

    I see plenty of people tripping on the little flares at the bottom of the steps, and falling off the steep incline at the front of the workstation. You’d hate to drop a pen or pencil, it would roll forever. Ergonomically, this is a joke, but it would make a nice set piece. I see people “working” here for a commercial shoot, nothing more.

  • bodkin

    really nice, imagine the power trip you’d get working there all day. I have to agree with stan in that the cable management lets the whole thing down a bit, if only they’d put that little bit more thought into it. I love the ceiling as well with the ghostly glow from the lights and would be interested to know how you change the tubes when they eventually fail, the ceilings really high and theres no obvious way to remove the panelling, although I’m sure they’ve thought about that……

  • LOW

    Now all they need there is Shatner in the control chair.
    Love it though.

  • Theo

    Ken Adam would be proud.

  • mcmlxix

    Shall we play a game?

  • Please show me a closeup of that monitor diagram!

  • Looks like a ship deck!!!!!!!!! where is the crew!

  • Thanks for your interest to our project ))
    Cable managment was provided by demountable panels of podium and legs of the table.
    Cconstruction was completed 2 months ago and people work there now.

  • Katsudon

    Very nice! I guess Blofeld is very satisfied.

  • Dennis

    Nice in general but I think the ceiling is dissappointing. I would have liked it to have been more luminous and monolithic, without seeing the hot spots of the fixtures above.

  • I see more Ken Adam (the production designer of classic James Bond) than Rik Sternbach (Star Trek). Very impressive.

  • another Theo

    Brilliant! a totalitarian dream come true…

  • Very beautiful lines, very thoroughbred and elegant. I like very much! On the other hand, it is damage that the door is off-centered with regard to the axis and to the principle of a symmetry used in this realization. Just my two cents!

  • Captain Klassy

    Potemkin power company!! …ready for visit by US leader!

  • Yep, reminds me of James Bond movies as well.

    -Do you expect me to talk?
    -No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

    Nice job!

  • its simple.. very very simple straight lines yet powerfull.
    again i think it is “less is more”……right!