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Bookspile by Andrius Pocius

Lithuanian designer Andrius Pocius has designed a modular shelving system made up of elements that resemble books.


Called Bookspile, the furniture is meant to look like an irregularly-stacked pile of books.


The components come in two different widths and three different heights that can be assembled in various configurations.


Vertical supports slot into the horizontal bases without permanent fixings.


Here's some text from the designer:


BOOKSPILE - The prototype of The shelf that does not require any bolts, tacks or glue. Just use your imagination to customize the shelf for your needs.


The main IDEA was to create some shelves that would remind you of a disorderly yet stylish stack of books, whose parts would appear to dissolve amongst the real books,  something simple and homemade that does not need a special wrench or 739 bolts to put together. I do not now remember how I came up with the idea to connect the parts together, but this idea to return to the search for an ideal pile was key to the decision to create an easily transformable book pile according to need or mood.