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Architects LAVA have created a bookcase for the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation in Sydney, Australia.


Books are displayed inside honeycombe-like voids in a wall, backlit with LED lights through translucent acrylic.


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Photographs are by Chris Bosse and Peter Murphy.Here's some more information from LAVA:


Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation Bibliotheca

A new architectural installation commissioned for the first anniversary of the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) in Sydney creates a space for displaying catalogues and other publications.


The installation is an evolutionary display, which will adapt and grow in response to each new gallery project while creating an ephemeral and surreal experience with changing lights and effects. Holding a selection of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation and Art & Australia publications in honeycomb shaped cells, the installation is backlit through transparent acrylic via energy efficient LED lights.


Architects: LAVA
Laboratory for Visionary Architecture
Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser, Alexander Rieck
with Esan Rahmani, Jarrod Lamshed, Erik Escalante

Client: Gene Sherman
Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

Builder: Definitive, Display by Design
Light : LED systems Australia

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  • rude

    very unpracticle

  • Unpractical? Somewhat, maybe. But is practicality the point. If function (what I believe you are getting at with the comment about it being unpractical) is the sole purpose, then yeah, maybe it doesn’t hold books as efficiently as possible. In the right setting it would prove a bold and striking element that transforms the atmosphere of the space. I would call that a function too. And this design is very practical for that.

  • Elena

    The chairs are the bees … aren’t they ?

  • gaque

    the space in front of the bookcase looks awfully ignored. the books are uniquely organized, but where am i going to read the books? the carpet isn’t enough.

    i know voronoi is the sh*t right now, but i cant stand it when i have to lean books sideways, supported only on one edge–the book gets deformed if it sits for too long. call me a geezer, but the voronoi isnt enough to make this a quality project.

  • schlong

    so where’s the honey?

  • Zabel

    Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
    Great bold sculptural concept with an undiluted execution.
    Well done!

  • Ah, Old geezer really doesn’t know much, as thats not a voronoi ;-)
    its totally awesome.

  • erik

    great stuff

  • “..adapt and grow…” – how? For me this sculpture looks very fixed and non-flexible. If it would be possible to reorganize them and stack them back into different hierarchies it would make more sense no?!

  • shoe-maker

    i guess the only way it could ” grow and adapt ” is if you could add and remove shelves from the back, which looks possible…no?

  • erik

    i guess the “capped” cells can be opened when new books come available, so it “grows”

  • abcs

    actually ultra man2, i think it is voronoi

  • I love the look of this but would NEVER shelve books in it. Poor books would get hurt and I couldn’t possibly countenance such a thing. I wonder if the unit could be used to display other objects? I’d like to think so, cos the look of it is very appealing.

  • erik

    Check out the youtube video:

  • Hi abcs – like old geezer you think shapes that fit together nicely make a voronoi, look at the geometry of the shelf and you will realise that it is repeating…. voronoi does not do that.

    thanks for your comment though ;-)