Apartment in Moscow by Peter Kostelov



Russian architect Peter Kostelov has refurbished an apartment in Moscow using industrial materials.


The project involved dividing a studio apartment to create separate spaces.


Kostelov used metal throughout the interior, with visible welding and a raw aesthetic.


Photographs are by Zinon Razutdinov.


Here's some more information from Peter Kostelov



Earlier it used to be a studio apartment; practically it was a one bedroom apartment. After reconstruction there came out a few more separate rooms: a spacious living room, a bedroom, study room, library, two wardrobe rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a lavatory and shower for guests.


All these were placed around the space of 86 sq. m. As a result a bedroom and a kitchen became far smaller, hence the living room bigger, therefore the space left worked well for a wardrobe room, adjusting to a bedroom as well as for many other places. Besides the ceiling was lowed giving space for an entrance to store house hold things.


The open space with a column in the center was filled with a frame made of steel tubes. The frame hasn’t been trimmed with any decorative materials except of metal cover, which can be easily replaced by wood, stone, paper wall, cart or whatever. The conception goes first and stays the same.


How the idea of a module works. 2,8 m ceiling conventionally divided by 4 is 0,7 m. pace which can be accepted as a module for a spatial interior design. For instance: 0,7 m times 3 are 2,1m, it’s  the height of the doors and entrance location; double 0,7 m is the height of display cabinet unit in the living room, 0,7m times 4 is for bookshelves.


The principle of a module works and is traced all around the apartment. For me it was a matter of an utmost desire to create an indivisible architectural design. Practically it is deprived of any decorative elements. The most essential of it is the functional purpose of a design together with the principle of unities of all the elements of the space.


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  • howard

    This is a really good effort Peter Kostelov! Don’t listen to all the chat room – they don’t know how to live. One question, are you only allowed to eat food in the grey colour range too?
    No seriously, you’ve used cold materials and actually made something quite warm. I think that is quite a hard thing to pull off – even if it is a little perverse.

  • Dave

    It’s gorgeous. An acquired taste for some, maybe, but I’m in lust.

  • I would love if the architect wore army fatigue in the house, so that he was completely camouflaged by this hyper industrial world he has so obsessively created.

    Fascinating to watch a not so good idea, go this far….

  • Aloysha

    My fellow comrads, behold the new design of Mother Russia.

  • roman kralya

    Вот жесть. Создается впечатление, что интерьер заказал бывший зек. Чтобы осенними дождливыми вечерами вспоминать под завывания Круга о своих нарах… Для жизни совершенно не приспособлнный проект, особенно для детей! Это больше похоже на место съёмок фильма или окружение 3D игры. Впрочем, если воспринимать это как концептуальное решение, то ставлю пятёрку! А если – место жизнедеятельности человека – 2

  • Vitali

    I visited Peter and his wife Olga few times in this flat and we had some crazy parties in there too. I can assure you that it is boolet and sound proof.
    There are no cluster places in the flat. Everything is smartly hidden away from your eyes. Nothing realy disturbs you. It is good place to work, socialite, meditate or do some yoga. There are some funny small things which you could not see on the pictures that make you smile (switches, sockets, lights, rollers …).

  • student101

    i havnt seen entire metal designs in awhile so this is quite interesting… nicely designed and thought out, however, in context, its quite stark and cold. thats not a bad thing so much as a observation

  • ai

    reminds me of a japanese (rabbit) house. very functional. cheap and easy to install. what is the name of the standard unit to express the size? tatami?

  • sluijters

    am I the only one that feels like Winston Smith is about to walk in on this appartement? I still like it though…but that’s probably the result of doublethink…

  • 0hzone

    Another Concentration camp?

  • mng

    The fact that this interior PROVOKES discussion makes it already a gooooood design. Stimulation for the brain ain’t it?!?!

    This genuine design could be a start point for many other conception. Moreover as a design work itself is so well done that many other more “colourful” interiors could only wish such an attention…

  • lukan

    im in love with it.

    wouldnt live there in a thousand years of course, but im not the client, am i?
    i think its obvious that wether or not the space is “warm” or not is irrelevant. its not meant to be warm, and even if its not, it does have a personality, and a life to it.
    it succeds at being what it sets out to be, and what its meant to be is not an easy task. the level of creativity and imagination required to pull this type of atmosphere off blows my mind.

  • Martin

    It is sad most of the comments here are so stereotyped, prejudiced, narrowminded. Like Nisse pointed out – those one liners really sound bit of stupid…
    What sense does it make to write 20 times comments like: “prison, jail, gulag”? I understand there is some common sense of beauty, which most people recognize, but I do not condemn immediately if something different occurs. Not without a thought,at least.
    I do not particularly like this one project, but it gives me some interesting thoughts and in some way is inspiring. All you need to do is to read through the text, watch the images, have a little thought what the designer tried to achieve here.

  • Ztef

    Wow, only one word comes to mind.. Raw.
    I want my appartment to look like this.

  • Wow, I absolutely love the look! But, I think it would get really depressing living there for more than two months. Dark, dingy, place… cool to look at, yet I can’t help but think it’s just a depressing place to live in.

  • Niels

    ..… now I am one of the privileged ones who has experienced this gr8 venue in several aspects, and I can confirm this place is comfortable, warm, open and bright – an empathic energy can be felt and even at midnight with the light’s off, it’s still bright – U don’t have to like it to love it, it’s about the experience, not the opinion; opinions are given from the stand, experience you only get on the field – experience the place, then revieuw your first opinion …

  • trimtab21

    it has all the warmth and charm of a morgue

  • ROJ

    There is something interesting in it but I cant imagine myself living there, just too industrial…

  • look like zombie world's shelter, very cool!

  • afyh

    if you design this in russia and posting it on this page, then you will be liable to jokes on gulags .. it's called a sense of humour

  • Verge Godemiche

    This is mildly disturbing. It reminds me of a science lab from Umbrella Corp.