Elevate by Gillian Westley for Joseph Joseph



Designer Gillian Westley has created a range of cooking utensils that don't leave a mess on worktops.


The Elevate range, produced by kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph, consists of six implements with central pivots and weighted handles, which keep any goo on the business end clear of work surfaces.


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Here's some info from Joseph Joseph:


Elevate is a range of six cooking tools that have a unique weighted handle system which prevents their heads from touching the worktop surface whilst cooking. This fresh innovation reduces mess and increases hygiene while adding a splash of colour to the kitchen.


The original concept was from Gillian Westley whose idea was spotted by Joseph Joseph at her degree show.


These stylish tools are yet another example of pioneering kitchenware design from Joseph Joseph.


The Elevate range utilizes an innovative weighted handle system to prevent the utensil head touching worktop surfaces. This maximizes hygiene whilst minimizing mess and eliminates the need for a spoon rest.


The tool heads are made of heat resistant Nylon withstanding up to 240 degrees C/480 degrees F and are ideal for use with non-stick cookware. Each tool has an ergonomic soft grip handle and is dishwasher safe.


The range includes a spaghetti server, slotted spoon, slotted turner, ladle, flexible turner and a solid spoon. They can be purchased separately or in a gift box.


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  • can.anyone.here.fly.this.thing

    Excellent work! I’m constantly trying to balance mucky utensils on pots and overhanging work surfaces. A genuine development and they look great!

  • I.cannot.agree.more.with.can.anyone.here.fly.this.thing

    yes. for once, design solve a real problem, with elegant solution. well done. I can see this as a massive best seller. (unfortunately for the planet)

  • damfak


  • motreal winters

    stylish indeed. some of these will encounter usability issues especially if you are using them in a deep pot; unless you plan on boiling spaghetti in a skillet.

  • Gollumpus

    Actually, I don’t see this being that useful. If you don’t want to get your counter mucked up you could always put down a plate (or some sort of custom designed dish for spoons). Further, if you place this on your counter, there is a good chance that liquid from your dish will either: 1.) gather at the lowest point on your utensil and then drop to the work surface or, 2.) run along the length of the tool and pool at the pivot point where the handle is joined, and then muck up your counter.

  • But the food drips off the utensils, still leaving a mess…

  • Jeremy

    Good observation = Excellent design

  • I agree with everyone above: THIS is product design at its most practical.

  • Brandon

    Brilliant on first glance but think again. What utensil doesn’t drip all over the place after being dipped in spaghetti sauce. On the other hand, if the point is just to avoid the utensil touching the countertop, it does the job beautifully.

  • g

    I have a set from Bambu that have the same “rest” – but they are made from very sustainable and attractive bamboo, which is another plus.

  • dsgngurunyc


  • Good way to think different!

    Francois Beydoun

  • Jorge

    Finally someone remembered that “use” is also important in “design”.

    Very well done!

  • I agree with everyone, too. Now, where can I buy it ?

  • Xit

    False good idea, for the sake of having an over designed utensil just use a bowl, as Creme & Gollumpus point out you still get a messy counter.

  • These guys are on fire just now – this is great! Another superb product from Joseph Joseph. Well Done!

  • Sophie Loula

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Elevate is currently available House of Fraser.

  • bodkin

    i like it, it rates up there alongside the pans that have a little recess in the top so you can leave the lid slightly off without it sliding back onto the pan

  • That is a cool little design there, simple yet effective. Not sure if it would work so well on less gooey sticky things.

    My gf drives me crazy with her spatchula stains!

  • paulo espinosa

    I assume everyone is tired of cleaning the kitchen while and after cooking. There have been such inventions like plates and bases in wich you put the dirty utensils, but those doesn’t help you avoiding on cleaning an extra plate or base.

    I think its a very good idea that helps you in what it has to do, and the design also make them look nice and great.

  • Claire J

    drips, drips, drips! They still need clearing up!

  • The elevate range seems chic and will definitely prevent the spatulas from touching the worktop. that is quiet a solution; though it cannot prevent the dripping!!

    Would love to try it out!!!

  • jan

    Does anyone here actually cook! the consistency of different food types will still cause dripping etc No matter what, you will always have to clean a work top after cooking.

    I think this is a good case of over deisign for the amount of extra material that is in each utensil.

  • mike

    This is a great desigN! I too am one of the cooks out there in hte world that always balances utensils on pots and other surfaces. All you naysayers are wrong; a quick banging of the utensil is 95% of the time all that’s required to remove enough food to stop drippings from occuring ( I NKNOW BECAUSE I DO THIS OFTEN!) I think most of the designs on dezeen are worthless but if i saw this utensil combo pack for reasonable price i would definetly pruchase it!

  • willem

    i prefer some drips in my kitchen instead of more plastic.
    glossy, nice smelling, pure natural drips, what is wrong?
    and if, clean them and throw them away!

  • They suck, have em at home, the balance is totally off. It would be good, if you where also able to stick em in your pan, and it would stay in, but the weight is in the handle, so if you leave in the pan it'll automatically fall out onto your work top, splashing 'drips' all over the kitchen. PLUS the handle doesnt handle heat at all, if it touches the pan it instantly melts.

  • ralph

    Okay, the solution to this drip problem is to tap the excess sauce on your saucepan, then Elevate can simply do its job! Done!