Double 00 ’09 by Case-Real



Japanese designers Case-Real, headed by Koichi Futatsumata, have completed a boutique interior in Fukuoka, Japan, with a curved wall dividing the space.


Created for retailers Alohanine, the interior has a curvilinear wall that begins at the entrance on the south side and ends on the north side of the shop.


The ceiling is also curved along the length of the shop.


"One big curve expands obliquely into the inside considering the view from a street in front and the movement line and another gentle curve of the ceiling link in three dimensions," says Kayo Yamaguchi of Case-Real.


Here's a tiny bit of text from the designers:


Project : DOUBLE OO '09 (A boutique)
Design : Koichi Futatsumata (CASE-REAL)
Site : Fukuoka, Japan
Floor area : 74.6㎡


CASE-REAL is an atelier office based in Japan which is organized around Koichi Futatsumata and plans various designs such as spaces, constructions, furniture and products.







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  • Pete B

    i love the walls! – how have they been constructed/finished?!

  • gab xiao

    a beautiful interior; the entry is stunning. there is an interesting similarity with Steven Holl’s early projects

  • Trish

    I really enjoy eh subtlelty of the light against the walls and the way the glass meet the walls. Very nice and clean.

  • Jacob


  • Rokas

    nice and pure..good play of volumes…Ok,as I see,being inside the shop actually should be different yhan those photos,and the feeling we get should be different-but still I think,even being there actually would be very fine and comfortable!

  • remembering the “kiasma’s shape”…

  • Evan

    Reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s V.C. Morris Gift Shop in San Francisco, both in the understated entrance, and how introducing a few simple curves can really lighten up the typical boxy storefront.

  • ElP

    Without the text I would have bet it’s a Silvestrin