Monster and Animal Hands by Héctor Serrano



Spanish designer Héctor Serrano has designed a set of temporary tattoos to make children's hands look like monsters or animals.


Each set contains eight designs that can be applied to the skin with water.


Serrano designed the tattoos for gifts company Worldwide.


They were launched at the New York International Gift Fair this week.


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  • One

    OMG,… I am sure my kids wil go crazy with this … Hope it will (not) be sold in my area, as My kids will use it like a three per day… ;-) Congrat…

  • zeemmee

    MUCH Better than kids painting flys on their faces!!!

  • Marvellous idea… BRAVO!

    Francois Beydoun

  • Post

    whohooo, i really like it. but why do all animals look equally afraid? the shark just like the zebra?

  • But it’s really true

  • yakisyk

    I ‘m sure , some girl will put this one with teeth on the other part of her body

  • abrac

    their great but i think it would be better if the children were creative and painted their own designs on their hands. our culture today robes kids of developing the imagination. everything is created for them, what happen to the days when kids made games out of bottle caps and imaginary creatures . . .

  • nick

    So fresh and new – well executed

  • summer sun


  • 60403020

    I’d like to see these applied to real hands, not photoshopped onto the same photograph. How did the designer take into account the size of childrens hands and adults for that matter? There is quite a difference between a 4 year old and someone who is 11, yeah? D-U-M.

  • steve

    Abrac, you are certainly showing your age.

    Question: how many kids do you know make games NOW, TODAY, out of bottle caps?

    Question: How many kids would hassle their parents to buy these and have fun with them all day?

    Great idea, shame it is only photoshopped at this stage, like to see it on the store shelf.
    Well done to the designer.

  • Shane

    Not only kids will put this on – after office hour you might see me with theses tattoos….

  • nice one hector!

  • tamaliry2010

    i’d like to see on hand real

  • jc

    I like this idea and would have loved them as a child.
    Depending on what the cost ends up being, and i hope its affordable….. you might get kids avoinding washing thier hands becase they don’t want the image to dissapear.

    I wonder if there would be a way to make the same idea reusable… like a vegitable ink based stamp.

  • farzaneh

    very nice/very atractive and lovely

  • Claire

    Just bough the monsters one for my 4 years son from:
    A bit tricky to get them right at the first time but looks great!!!

  • Lily

    It’s my hand! :)

  • Doron

    Found them in a boutique shop in Manhattan. $9 seems expensive to me for something they are just going to scrub off in the shower the next day but the kids absolutely loved them. Four kids ages 5-11 spent the night playing with their animal and monster hands, chomping on each other, being silly and giggling. If you want instant smiles and something they can have fun sharing with their friends, this is it. Now if only I could find them cheaper on a website here in the US.

  • How much it cost?