Corso Place Franz Liszt by Robert Stadler



Austrian designer Robert Stadler has completed a restaurant for the Corso brand on Place Franz Liszt in Paris.


The interior features a pink bar made of Ductal and pendant lights where the inside of each shade is covered in gold sticky tape.


Called Hatchlight, the lamps will be produced in an edition and displayed at Tokyo Designers Week in October.


This is Stadler's second interior for the Corso brand - see the first in our previous story.


Photographs are by Marc Domage.


Here's some more information from Stadler:


This is the second Corso restaurant commissioned by Costes.


Several elements recall the first Corso in avenue Trudaine, but there are also lots of other new ones, such as the bar and tables made of Ductal, the lights, the mirrors and shelves etc.


The main intention of the Corso restaurants is to create a just equilibrium between designing a place and yet not give the feeling of being in a design-restaurant.


"Hatchlight", the lamps with reflectors made of golden sticky tape are also avaivable as an edition and will be presented during Tokyo DesignWeek in October.


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  • bagelwithcreamcheeseplease

    eat place fo dem bumbaclaat!!


    With all those wonderful details everywhere, those hangings lights really overwhelm the senses and take away any sense of harmony within the whole space. Too much, too many lights. Let the rest of the place shine for it self.

  • Regine

    better if i can see it in the nite..

  • love the counter. love the mirror. don’t like the small tables (like big tables when i’m having a coffee/drink)

  • I quite like this, its a great contrast to the Karim piece on here today… I dont think you can judge the lighting till you see it at night, I think those pendants would really work at night, depends on how dim the bulbs are i guess. Its got a great little classic coffee bar feel, most importantly i think it will age well. Good work sir!

  • j

    the lamps are wonderful