Hack Chair by Ronen Kadushin



Berlin designer Ronen Kadushin has created a chair made of a single sheet of metal and published the design so that it can be downloaded, manipulated and produced by anyone.


Kadushin has made the CAD files for the design - called Hack Chair - available under a Creative Commons license, meaning that anyone can download, copy, alter and produce the chair.


His prototype is made of 6mm thick aluminium, laser-cut and folded into shape.


Here are some more details from Kadushin:


Hack chair prototype

Following a warm response to my design work from the hacker community, I chose a literally "hacked" look for this experimental chair prototype. Like most of my designs of the last five years, it is an Open Design, meaning, its design CAD files can be freely downloaded, copied, modified and produced by anyone, without special tooling, under a Creative Commons license .


Open Design tunes to an essential cultural wave: towards open and freer information and Web collaborations. It is based on the principles of the already successful Open Source method that revolutionized the software industry, and gave birth to a social movement that is cooperative and community-minded. It couples web distribution of design with flexible CNC production to encourage free creative development and direct contact between designers and consumers.


The Hack chair is one piece of laser cut 6mm aluminum and hand bent. The outcome is stable and even sort of comfortable with its flexible back. You are welcome to see and use more Open Designs from my website.

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  • B

    or in german

  • Bear

    Very clever construction. and the open source design idea in it is very forward looking. I Like the shape- it’ s so sculptural

  • Hayden

    I like the exploration of open source form – but the question is, why – after downloading the file, sourcing manufacturing equipment, etc would I want to own that chair ?

    What aspects of this object are actually desirable ?

    Is this the best level of refinement in ergonomics and form the designer can achieve ?

    Wait till ‘sketchbook’ sees this from the Joesph & Joesph thread !

  • cpcp

    nice idea.
    shocking execution

  • tanya telford – T

    im really interested in these Creative Commons license’s, from what ive read they sound really well thought out especially for collaborative work and open source products,

  • So cooool!
    Made of aluminum board?

  • amsam

    I like the ideas– single die-cut folded piece, no fasteners– and open-source design– enough to forgive the ugliness. At a minimum, it’s an invitation for other designers to keep the principle and improve on the design.

  • Whether moving to it or carrying it, you’re likely not to live through the experience…

    However, I do enjoy that it is not a typical flat pack looking piece of furniture. It has elements that make it entirely unique and hard to identify as a single sheet, fastener-less design. Nice prototype, would like to see evolutions of this.

  • darius

    i like the sculptorical dising. but what is the funtion?

  • LOW

    Picasso´s dream chair

  • Gilbert

    i dun think i can be convinced to pruchase it and have fun setting up the chair. It does not look comfortable to me anyway. Its pure abstract

  • Cr

    <3 open-source idea but the design is really .. really bad !

  • Hey LOW You are right !

  • yrag

    Hack Chair by Ronen Kadushin

    The name says it all —imho.

  • RedW

    This is an astoundingly complicated and interesting design but it yielded such a simplistic construction. This is brilliant. I wish most furniture was this easy to assemble.

  • Curious

    Who took the photos?