Stool by Michael Marriott for Paul Smith


Stool by Michael Marriott for Paul Smith 1

London Design Festival 09: British designer Michael Marriott has designed a plywood stool for fashion brand Paul Smith.

Stool by Michael Marriott for Paul Smith 2

Made of sustainable birch plywood, the stool comes flat-packed in five parts and is assembled with four zip ties.


A geometric screen print is hand-applied to each of the plywood sheets from which the stool components are cut.


The stool will be exclusively available in Paul Smith stores, limited to one hundred editions.

Stool by Michael Marriott for Paul Smith 3

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Michael Marriott designs exclusive stool for Paul Smith

Celebrated British furniture and product designer Michael Marriott* has designed a fun and innovative stool exclusively for Paul Smith.

Inspired by the versatility of materials and Michael’s goal to design truly modern objects, the stool is made out of 6mm plywood and comes boxed and flat-packed in five parts. Made from sustainable birch plywood from the rich forests of Finland, each stool is incredibly light-weight. Easily assembled with four ‘zip ties’, the result is small and simple structure that is strong enough to sit or stand on.

Each individual stool is hand-finished with a colourful, geometric screen-print. The result is a stool which is well considered, a versatile piece of furniture made to fit perfectly with modern day life – easy to move, construct or deconstruct.

Simple, functional and sustainable, the Michael Marriott Ply stool is both an innovative and charming piece of design. Individually numbered and limited to 100 pieces, the Michael Marriott stools will be exclusive to Paul Smith shops.

Michael Marriott set up his own studio in 1993, after graduating from the Royal College of Art. He has designed for manufacturers including SCP and more recently for Established & Sons. In addition, he has completed an extensive range of exhibition design projects, usually working in collaboration with graphic designers. He has also completed a number of specially commissioned installations, which typically use a gallery environment to exhibit and discuss issues to do with the design and production of things.

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  • Love the shape, love that it kind of looks like a repurposed file storage box but the screen printing? Do not like. This piece of furniture would be so much more elegant if it were just allowed to stand, naked and unadorned, on its own.

  • Cr

    I love it a lot yay ! .. but why is the photography so f___ing bad ?!

  • Cat

    Loves it. It has a certain simple charm…

  • Other than the 80’s stylized graphics there isn’t much to this stool. The form is rather boing, it looks like it would ship flat, and I have a hard time trusting zip ties to hold everything together. It’s not going to be long lasting in terms of design and in it’s life to the user. Not one of Michael’s best pieces.

  • Really like this stool. Simple and good looking! Just like me…

  • Neo

    The pictures are terrible, It doesn’t really help to sell it.
    Also not sure about the bits sticking out on the seat . To me it looks like IKEA furniture for children.

  • simple, cool. especially the handle.

  • steve

    Photos: Agree… Bad! good proof that NOBODY should EVER expect that a mobile phone camera will produce anything of value!

  • aAP

    Flat-pack just like IKEA, Plywood just like IKEA. Sorry…

  • Ani

    I like it! It’s fun and simple.

  • neuhaus

    It doesn’t suit the style and aesthetics of Paul Smith at all. It looks like children’s furniture. It looks cheap.

    There is a lack of refinement, sophistication and maturity which is very unfortunate and really misses the mark.

    A darker stained finish with small accents of bold colors, thicker plywood with sleeker details would improve this stool vastly.

  • Davide

    can anybody explain the role of the word “innovative” in this project?

    to me it looks like a sophisticatedly patterned IKEA stool that will cost 10 times the price of an IKEA stool; a collector’s item.

  • yes please

    I disagree Neuhaus. It is wonderfully charming and a fuller understanding of the designers work would render irrelevant at least your last 5 lines. Have you asked Paul whether he thinks it suits the style and aesthetics of the Paul Smith brand?

  • Max

    just to let you know

    1. cable ties are very strong

    2. flat pack what’s wrong with that and o yeah what’s wrong with IKEA

    3. “80’s style graphics” since can you date basic shapes and lines in bold colors

    4. don’t let the bold blue and yellow colors and ply combination remind you of IKEA after not all the colors are blue and yellow and ply is a grate material hate has a huge impact on modern design

    congratulations yes the photos are s__t and shame on the PR team!
    another simple and charming marriott pice

  • Benzo

    Hello Buffs, Experts Engineers and Lovers of Design,

    A few questions:

    Who has ever managed to tear a zip-tie apart? To my knowledge the British Army uses them to connect wings to fighter-planes…

    Which bit of this stool carries the weight here? The zip, the ply or the bum?

    A darker, sleeker) version I agree could be nice, but how would the seat be connected to the legs in a refined, sophisticated and mature fashion? With a screw? Not quite in the logic of the stool and the angle (of the legs) would make the head of the screws not finish flush with the seat surface… With a up-market cord? Not strong enough. Blue tack? Funny but won’t last…

    Anyway, you’ll find a similar version one day in a IKEA near you, called something like ‘Michel’ for much cheapa’ and with much nicer colours…


    ps — The photos are truly terrible!

  • Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  • He’s the Daddy.

    …but yes, sort out those pics Mick.

  • Amit

    Fascinating. … Really.

  • i have one of these. the cable ties are plenty strong enough. plus they are in fluorescent colours and are not available to buy in the uk. so they are a little bit special and very michael.

    i don’t really like a couple of the patterned prints, so i reversed those pieces when assembling it.
    it looks like a very special little piece, plenty practical and nice to look at…

    …those photo’s don’t do it any favours though !