Kazimir Space Model by 2-B-2 Architecture


Ukrainian architects 2-B-2 have designed a conceptual shop or exhibition stand with wooden and metal frames suspended throughout the space.

The wooden and metal elements form display stands for merchandise and exhibits, or simply frame and divide the space causing constant changes in perception as visitors move through the interior.

Corresponding voids in the exterior wall cast angular slashes of light across the floor and walls.

More about 2-B2 Architecture on Dezeen in our previous story about a toilet called Mrs Hudson.

Here's some more information from 2-B-2:


KAZIMIR Space model

We created a linear, transparent, easy interior of shop in which the goods play the leading role.

Each of planes — a separate graphic composition. Planes form a spatial composition. The viewer moves in space, and the relative positioning of elements of a composition varies with each step. The graphic passes in volume. It is difficult to distinguish a plane from volume in an interior.

Planes aspire to be volume, and the volume turns to a plane. Volume elements (racks, furniture) represent a skeleton, a frame from a steel or a wood.

Object — shop/exhibition
Total area — 165 sq.m

Author — 2-B-2 Architecture, Nikolaev, Ukraine
Designer — Andrey Bondarenko
Link to the page of project:

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  • hj

    Libeskind has fans of his early work in Ukraine as it seems.

  • Crusty the Clown

    Are these renderings or photos of the built space?

  • Wow looks so clean that it looks like a rendering.

  • eatcake

    ‘Libeskind has fans of his early work in Ukraine as it seems’

    Hmmm or perhaps it has something to do with Kazimir Malevich http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kazimir_Malevich and his Suprematism series?!

    It’s just a though???

    Is history of architecture now though to have begun with Libeskind and Hadid???

  • hi ! This is a great site wioth fantastic discoveries. I may visit it often. I am an art advisor based in Paris, with clients in London, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Egypt. I advise on contemporary art and work with architects and interioir design. If you think my job is cool and your readers would like to know more, I am more than happy to send you an appropriate memo and pics. thanks, katia

  • Booh

    Those… are renderings… for all of the above who where confused about that… those stairs are physically impossible to build at the thickness at which they are at… Unless that’s like… carbon fiber or something crazy… but… it’s not… It’s a rendering.

  • see here is the contradiction part, i’ve always wanted to created this kind of fantasy space, but then was limited by their function. but when i see it here, it still looking good!!!

  • Well done, eatcake, for having brought Malevich & Suprematism into the picture. You could have thrown in El Lissitsky & his PROUN images into the pot, not to forget Popova with just a soupcon of Rodchenko. I know there is little new under the sun, especially the Red one, & we are all more or less indebted to others but I do wish designers were more generous with their acknowlegements to their predecessors. Painters can”t & are usually more than willing to pay their debts but designers seem to free themselves of such obligations.

  • Incredible!
    I feel as though I might get decapitated and elevated to another level of consciousness at the same time.