Open Air Pool Eybesfeld by
Pichler & Traupmann Architekten


Vienna architects Pichler & Traupmann Architekten have completed an open-air swimming pool in the park of a 17th-century castle in Jöss, Austria.

The project, called Open Air Pool Eybesfeld, incorporates a partially-underground shower area with glass-panelled shelving.

An undulating concrete walkway covered in polyurethane swoops down over the shower room and provides gradual entry to the water.

The pool measures 15.25 by 6.75 metres.

Photos are by Paul Ott.

Here's some information from Pichler & Traupmann Architekten:


Open Air Swimming Pool Eybesfeld

The original plan for Eybesfeld Castle was to provide a new base and an integration into the landscape by a surrounding loop in exposed concrete.

This loop should comprise living, secondary functions as well as an indoor swimming pool.

This project was split up later on in two single projects: a living landscape on the ground floor of the castle and a pool area located outside of the former castle wall near the corner tower in the park: a spread out blanket in polyester.

Pool, entry- and sunbathing areas, playground, seat ramp and sun deck are interpreted as zones of one single body lying in the lawn, coated homogeneously with polyester or  polyurethane respectively.

Below ground level where this figure folds up from the lawn emerge changing cubicles and a shower room arranged as a mere glass structure underneath the cantilevering concrete structure.

The surfaces of the pool entry and the seat ramp have an undulating shape in such a way as to achieve anatomically formed seat and lying hollows.

Project Name: Open Air Pool Eybesfeld, Jöss/Lebring, Austria

Use: Swimming pool (15.25 x 6.75 m)

Client: Christine and Bertrand Conrad-Eybesfeld

Project Team PxT:
Sandra Riess
Wolfgang Windt

Structural Planning:
Manfred Petschnigg, Graz

Landscape Planning:
West 8, Rotterdam

Mechanical/Pool Planning:
PKG Graz

Light Design:
Klaus Pokorny, Vienna

Site Supervision:
Arch. Gerhard Kordon, Graz
Josef Fritz, Graz

Start of Planning: 2003
Start of Construction: 2005
Completion: 2009

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  • nal

    not crazy about the color, but beautiful execution!

  • INawe

    Interesting design… although the Barney purple just scares me. Yuck.

  • quinton

    words can’t describe how bad this is… I mean, I would still take my boyfried in there after a few drinks, but it is awful to look at during the day!!!

  • If I am paying for a castle, I want a large pool, not half of it devoted to some rubberized barney ramp. That being said, it is a fascinating little structure with the wrong colors. I would have chosen something to better compliment the color of water…

  • pacman

    Ive always wanted to use Bubble Tape as modeling material!…guess somebody beat me to it!!


  • speek

    with all that nice grass around why lay out on such a hard surface?
    kinda looks like a skate-board park.
    makes me want to skate down the ramp and into the pool.

    overall very cool

  • gaque

    the rectangular frame is limiting, i find. perhaps a niemeyer-esque serpentine edge would’ve been too much, but the rectangle seems a bit strict.

    the lower level is gorgeous.

    its unique, but maybe the whole thing is just too abstract? what do you all think?

  • jack

    why did it take 6 years of planning and construction?
    what’s the material on the surface?
    agree with above comments; like the solution, but certainly not the colour.

  • yes … the color is strange but design and style are great :)

  • The color isn’t really great for the exterior, but it looks good in the shower room.

  • steve

    Is Austria, Is Good.

  • jlen

    There’s gona be some cracked skulls there me laddy! You mark my words!

  • I Can Has Cheeseburger

    WOW…I want this in my garden!! Luv the architectural contrast to the house!

  • Etienne

    it hutrs my eyes after looking at it too long.
    looking at it longer won’t let me get used to it – it still hurts.

    was it white, i’d be really nice!

  • KONG

    Very nice, straight forward one liner . I really like it !

  • Rafel

    I find it awful… stetically and functionally. Sorry, can’t find a good point.

    But maybe they built it in order to develop the critical opinion of the people?

  • poster

    ok, that’s quite a bit of MVRDV old proposal for a pool complex in the Netherlands ….only worse. Please don’t build other’s projects.

  • Marwayar

    The shape is fine but the color gives it the look of a Barbie Pool.

  • Dude Architect

    A very interesting shape and design for a swimming pool. Very different from the norm. Not sure about the colour or the thing that goes underneath but a break from the same old mosaic tiled style.

  • Badthony

    the color is really catchy, and also interesting for a pool.
    But i dont like the shape, it’s weird and it doesnt seem functionally.

  • Gabi

    Think of a ship. It is swimming in the garden. The colour and the strong contour of the plane frames the space of the ship. The water is inside. Bon voyage :)

  • juliet

    great job hannes!

  • juliet

    Nicely done! Like the pool design!

    Architect did a good job compared to the Dutch landscape designers!

    Awefull… totally outdated!

    Keep on doing pxt architects!

  • I want to have such a pool in my backyard, but how other users said, the color is not appropriate for a pool. I am an adept for above ground pools, because I want to feel the fresh air and see the sky.The most interesting part is the partially-underground shower area and. It looks fancy and stylish. In my opinion, 6 years seems too much to build such an open air pool. Leaving behind the purple color and the time for construction, the idea is great and innovative.