Moshimy by Michael Young for Native Union


Hong Kong-based British designer Michael Young has designed a mobile phone dock and handset for product design firm Native Union.

The product, called Moshimy,  consists of a dock for recharging phone batteries and a handset for making and receiving calls while at home or in the office.

Its surface is made of olive green plastic and brushed aluminium.

Native Union say that using a separate handset when not actually on the move can spare the user from 96% of radiation compared to using a mobile phone directly.

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Here's some information from Michael Young:


New from Native Union and Michael Young - The Moshimy range of handsets for mobile phones.

Changing the way we use our mobile phones. Celebrating the art of conversation.

Reversing the trend for miniaturization of the mobile phone. A super-stylish, full size handset from Michael Young that allows the customer to enhance the functionality of their mobile phone, increase the everyday comfort of ‘living’ with a mobile and offers 96% protection from the radiation emitted from every mobile phone.

We are not trying to change anyone’s habits, The Moshimy handset works with the customer’s lifestyle. This is not a solution for talking on the phone when the customer is on the move. This is very specifically a lifestyle accessory for use when the customer is not on the move. At home, at the office, typically 16-20 hours of the 24 hours available.

The Michael Young design, featuring a unique brushed aluminum honeycombed facia, includes extra functions to enhance the phones features. These include – Bluetooth Stereo speakers, conference call function, and phone battery recharging dock.

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  • really into the finish on the inside of the handset, pattern is interesting too. no so sure about the overall form though or speaker design.

  • alan price

    this is certainly a nice thing , just so out there in a world of making things small
    its an odd typology , speakers big now , phones small ,now movable , some one had to figure this out i guess , nice one , and love the honeycomb stretch over the face m there really is nothing on the market like , bravo

  • uhm, seems quite pointless. either, use a regular phone (and redirect ur homephone-number to ur cellphone or vice versa), or keep ur cellphone in ur pocket and charge it at night, or just charge it at home/in the office and when it rings go/lean over and answer it. this basically seems to be a way to make ur mobile phone not mobile.

  • YuYu

    Great new aesthetic. good to see something a little different from the telecom sector.

  • Xit

    The ‘Newson/90’s Tim Thom’ hybrid esthetic clashes too much with the Iphone/pod for my liking.

  • peewe

    looks pretty unique and fresh to me xit , and very useful

  • thorstein elson

    Nice to the the old phone reinvented, as a speaker and phone product , a real sign of the times and looks way better than Bang & Olufsen , nice pattern work too