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Sabar sex toy by Michael Young

Industrial designer Michael Young has designed another sex toy, this time called Sabar.


Young will launch the product at 100% Design Tokyo this October, with a giant chandelier made up of 350 of the vibrators hanging at the show's entrance (below). Young is the creative director for the show, which runs from 31 October to 4 November.


Below is some info from Young:


Michael Young has designed SABAR, this tech-no splendid sex toy in opiate-free plastic. Designed with continuous sensuous super curves to allow full fluid flexibility. Using the principle of nodes and anti-nodes the side panels have been scooped out for maximum vibration. A light switch at the front allows for speed change.

The product will be launched at 100% Design Tokyo, October 29th 2007. A limited batch will be available at the Michael Young shop inside the venue. To celebrate this Michael has designed a love chandelier for the entrance of the show with 350 vibrating sex toys in the form of a love heart.