La Médiateque de Proville by Tank Architectes


Architectural photographer Julien Lanoo has sent us his photographs of a recently-completed library in Proville, France, by Tank Architectes.

Called La Médiateque de Proville, the building has a metalic frame clad in wood that will turn grey as it ages.

Large aluminium windows admit lots of natural light and the roof can be used as a terrace for reading outdoors.

Here's some text from Tank Architectes



The new mediatheque of Proville has to open onto the village and become a place of exchange and culture, a public library and a surprising and enthusiastic place inviting everyone to the pleasure of reading.

Create a contemporary architecture dealing with the environment and the existing elements.

The new spaces created are offering changing atmospheres and lighting effects due to large surfaces of glass and different partitions, patios and nice places where to take time to read, views on the church tower and the trees around.

Over roofs and terraces have been thought in wood which turns grey with the years.

The balance between town and nature is reached with an environmental approach: large picture windows to take advantage of the natural supplies of heat, and respiring partitions with systematic outside thermic insulation.

Olivier Camus et Lydéric Veauvy, architects
Mathieu Berteloot, architect chef de projet


Building: metallic frame
Over roof and terrace wood: meleze
Windows with aluminium frame.

SURFACE AREA : 610m² - Terrace : 90m²
BUDGET HT/m2 : 1200 € / m²
ENERGY CONSUMPTION : inf to 35 kwh/m²

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  • santoaquatic

    Very interesting, but a shame the most interesting portion of the roof/ deck topology isn’t accessible due to the hand rail.

  • gabs

    They’re really loving this Yokohama-Terminal aesthetic, aren’t they?

  • stst

    I like it, seems to fit in context, allthough the form is quite dynamic. the photos are also nice :)

  • CROFTdesign


    These tiny images are killing me. It’s as if your “design” website was designed for a pixel ratio that was obsolete 8 years ago. Please consider…

    This project could be much more enjoyable to view with larger images…

  • gab xiao

    can’t see much of it either. it looks like a nice project though.

    again, a site plan, plans, sections and elevations would’ve done better justice to this project. architecture’s not just about renderings and nice photos guys…

  • @santoaquatic: say thanks to french laws :)

  • price

    tru that CROFT. archdaily’s photos are wonderbar.
    though i do enjoy your projects much more :)

  • I like! want to see the plan though

  • Paul

    I agree that plans and sections are a must, but: 1) those photos, small as they are, are quite beautiful; and 2) the project is just great, too. So much texture, but totally plainspoken in the articulation! Nothing looks hidden; nothing looks overwrought. I’m eager to see more from these guys.

  • Vepsert

    Quite nice, good form, warm exterior but then money ran out maybe.. the white steel construction inside looks very poor and unfriendly to me

  • very nice and cute project…just keep going guyz !!!

  • Kalan

    those handrails are required for safety so people dont climb on the roof, i just wished they would have picked a thinner material, like a steel wire.

  • It looks really great. Maybe a trip worth.

    BTW if you like these kind of projects look, you might be interested in (in danish, but nice pictures :)