Sketch lamp by Hung-Ming Chen
and Ninna Kapadia


Hung-Ming Chen of Swedish design studio Hommin and Stockholm designer Ninna Kapadia have designed a desk lamp that can be used as a light box.

Called Sketch and intended for use by designers, the lamp head twists upside down to lie flat on the desk.

With the light source pointing upwards it can be used for tracing, accommodating A4-sized paper.

Here's a tiny bit of text from the designers:


Sketch lamp for designer

A light table for design profession is usually big and heavy.

To solve this problem, we designed a table lamp which has a lighting table Feature and suitable for A4 paper.

The idea is simple. Turing the lamp and put it upon the table. Than you get a light table ready for sketch.

Designer: Hung-Ming Chen(Hommin) & Ninna Kapadia

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  • M L

    Wow, an actually useful combination of 2 products into 1! I like it a lot!
    Great work!
    M L

  • Dennis

    Good thinking!

  • Probably the best idea I’ve seem in a long time! Simply great!

  • Pablo

    smart and attractive. i love it.

  • vico

    brillant !


    you no designs that make you go
    “why didn’t i think of that” are great designs
    if it doesn’t cost 1000 bux i would actually buy one


    i could have used this through my college years…too bad now i’m stuck in front of an lcd screen :p

  • Gunnar Á.

    What a bright idea

  • yung

    as a designer I rather use a Wacom and a better looking lamp…good try, though

  • karlis

    looks very nice and smart!
    however the podium/foot (dont know how to call it) looks too small in this version and the lamp looks like falling over

  • yoyo

    it has the same name as the chiar of La Mamba studio…

  • amsam

    I’ll add another vote: this smartest “why didn’t I think of that” product I’ve seen in years, and handsomely executed.

  • Serena Trabalza

    Great!!! I don’t know how many times I needed something like that!

  • JG

    Hmm a sketch of the Sketch Lamp. No one rocking out sketches of cars like that is going to be using a jack of all trades Sketch Lamp. The thickness of the light box alone would make it a pain to draw on, because you couldn’t rest your hand flat while drawing. And is it battery powered? I see no flex. I’m not convinced.

  • A designer?

    im not convinced it would be that stable either! difficult to tell with renders!
    looks quite bulky for a table lamp and quite small for a light box!

  • Wim

    The thickness of the lamp would make it quite difficult to draw proper without having pain in your hand. It has to become less thick.

    The foot is idd a bit small.

    Esthetics are fine.

    For the rest I have to admit it’s a brilliant idea!

  • Clare

    Where can you buy this lamp and how much does it cost?
    I need to know. Now!

  • Giacinta

    very interesting, but I also need to know where I can buy this lamp and how much does it cost?

  • matthew

    why don't you make it so that it become an over-head projector too. would be great for scaling up drawings too.